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The three sisters Grimm

A twisted tale........Identity!

By Novel AllenPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

Once upon a time there were three sisters. The first one was three years older than the second one and seven years older than the third one. The second one was three years younger than the first one, and four years older than the third one. The third one was seven years younger than the first one and four years younger than the second one.

Personality wise, there was a complete mix-up and misplacement of the correct allocation of traits. Their parents did their best bringing them up, but as they got older, the older children finished school and were somehow expected to assist their siblings. Although the age gap was not very wide apart, the younger ones looked to the oldest for help.

A personality dilemma

The youngest sister got the personality trait that would have been more suitable for the oldest, a cunning, watchful and extremely responsible characteristic. The second oldest got the lovely gift of a love for people, yet she wanted the traits of the other two over the one she got, she wasted her love of people, bitterly complaining to other people about the ways of the oldest sister. The poor misunderstood oldest sister got the personality of a shy, reclusive, bookish, head in the cloud misconstrued, not really noticing what was going on around her, type of personality.

Sibling rivalry

Now rumors started spreading, the middle sister told everyone that the oldest sister was kind of a monster, spitefully saying that she worked and wouldn't share her earnings. Now, being just three years younger, nothing prevented the second sister from getting a job herself. They had both attended high school, but second sister had dropped out. In fairness to her, she was not prepared mentally to grasp the concepts of the teachings. Oldest sister offered to help her with nursing school, but she declined, she would have made a brilliant nurse, personality wise. In truth and in fact, she really enjoyed spreading the gossip, even though older sister was doing everything she could to help.

The hair/skin tone dilemma

The father of the sisters was of Indian origin, his beautiful chocolate skinned mother had hair that cascaded down her shoulder, all the way to her strict and stern buttocks. She was kind of an evil god/stepmother/real mother, kind of mother. Father married a woman who too, was dark chocolate skinned, with short black curly nappy hair.

Now, the oldest sister had long, below shoulder length curly Indian nappy hair, much like the father's. She though it a nuisance to comb and would have happily shorn the darned thing off, and maybe gift it to the second sister, if only that could have helped. There is a saying in the land of the goes like this:

"Want it, want it, can't get it, and get it, get it, don't want it". This aptly described the hair dilemma.

The middle sister got the short thick nappy hair from the mother's side. She hated her hair with a passion. She wanted hair like the other two sisters. Now, remember, God/the universe or whomever is the allocator of hair is, gave her a killer personality, a lovely figure, great skin and more, including beautiful white straight teeth, thick lush short hair and a loving family. None of that mattered, she wanted long hair.

The youngest sister, for some reason, was born so fair skinned that everybody became quite flabbergasted, mother was dark skinned, so was father. She had long straight nappy-ish hair though, pretty much like that of the grandmother who is the mother of the father, said grandmother with the buttock length hair. Upon checking the genealogy of the family, it appears some children emerge dark skinned and some lighter skinned, so it was all whittled down to DNA. WHEW....crisis averted.

Younger sister was quickly whisked away to the USA by an aunt who never had children, this aunt too was as fair skinned as her brother was dark skinned (the father of the children). The fair skinned ones of the family apparently, wanted to stick together.


There comes a point when one moves on to being one with the self, to say enough of everyone else's bullcrap and misguided sense of expectancy of all but themselves. Reality awakens.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the first step to emotional freedom.

Older sister did the best she could, but it was never good enough. Now the middle and youngest have joined forces and the oldest sister still feels left out and misunderstood.

She now walks away from the fray, maintaining her unique personality; her identity is hers to share with those who care to take the time to get to know her true self. She feels that she did her best, and one is only able to do just that, their best.

Let them Kiss Kitty KY minus plus. Another saying in the land of the sisters...kiss my you know what!!!!!! I am so outta here!!!!!

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  • Tiffany Gordon 3 months ago

    Lovely story Novel! I'm glad that the oldest sister didn't change her personality to fit in. I believe that ALL skin tones & hair types are uniquely beautiful. May we ALL one day bask in our beauty! :)

  • Alison McBain3 months ago

    I enjoyed this thoroughly. The oldest in the end stayed true to herself, leaving the others to their own self-absorption. I have some experience raising three daughters, and I hope that as they get older their unique personalities continue to work together better than the sisters in your story. :)

  • Glory Alaba3 months ago

    Great story❤️ would you mind sending your IG handle so we can talk more

  • I felt so sad for the oldest sister. So glad she chose to walk away from them! This was such a fantastic story for the challenge!

  • A tragic loss for the two younger sisters. For me, it was always my second oldest brother (the black sheep of the family in our mother's eyes) who looked out for me. Read to me as an infant, taught me both to walk & how to ride a bike. It took me decades to realize just how important he has always been in my life. Maybe the two younger sisters just need a little more time to reach a similar conclusion.

  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Very interesting captivating story. 

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    Great story. I love the pic

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    The story delivers a positive message about the value of self-acceptance and the futility of trying to be someone we are not. It's a message that holds immense significance for everyone, and I'm grateful that the Novel chose to convey it.

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