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Imaginary thoughts

By Sudip KadelPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Dark Light2021 on Unsplash

Some kind of unusual thoughts start occuring when you think continuously and these thoughts sometimes pulls you towards the mountain full of unsolved paths that no one knows which one is the credible way to follow. you'll be in dilemma than again you will start thinking of your own thinking, again and again even after hundreds and thousands of thoughts arose inside you there will be no one to show you path neither was anyone before. Standing alone at the top elevation of thoughts and still suffocating due to the air full of unsolved mysteries inside you.

At this point I started hallucinating!

I saw a guy alongside me I didn't get a clear vision so I decided to go near him to have a look who can be this person. I was trying to get a closure look but he suddenly turned around and started laughing at me. Oh god I'm scared as a hell. He was unfamiliar for me but can be familiar to you, I used to see him inside mirrors but you may have seen him as a person- yeah! may be you guessed correctly that it was me myself Infront of me and laughing at me with no reason.

Coward, hey you coward he was repeating the same word again and again then I asked him why you calling me coward? He replied cause you're the coward. I told him if I'm a coward than you were a coward too cause we both are the same, as you know I'm you and you were inner me. That's not similarities that is what the difference we had, he replied! You are the one who is always afraid of losing, you are the one who is always thinking and keeping unwanted unnecessary stuffs in your mind. I'm the one who is trying to be in peace but always have to think for you because of you, always have to be in fear because of you, always having mental pressure because of you, always in a hurry because of you. You are the reason behind the changes in my behavior!

You are the reason behind the changes in my behavior!

You are the reason behind the changes in my behavior! He cries and I was left no words to speak after this.

Slowly I started feeling inner peace I feel like I'm surrounded by some spiritual being who came to revive me, heal me with a handfull of life. For the first time in my life I was experiencing the real piece of a peace that makes me feel like a clod water started flowing in a deserted stream after a decades. The heart before was pumping anxiety, stress and tears but now it has started pumping pure red blood bringing me back to life once again.

Here I realized my soul got reincarnated and I got a new life with the grace of god!

As a human many of us face the problem like intrusive thoughts that occurs due to obsession, anxiety, stress, trauma and other mental health conditions. Intrusive thoughts are really disturbing as it starts coming suddenly to your mind and make you force to think even if you don't want to think about it. For example: if a person having this kind of problems were told not to think about an apple they will be continiously thinking about an apple for a whole day. So yeah as a human we have to think and analyze before doing something but overthinking might me dangerous to our mental health.

So the question here is how to manage intrusive thoughts ? 


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great job’ good work

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