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Experts, smexperts.


By Matthew GranthamPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
Experts, smexperts.
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Why do you want to learn from experts?

I’m an expert in nothing, and I’m proud of that and I don’t really have a standing in talking about experts, but I have an audacious notion that I can, so I will.

Where does all knowledge come from?

I can’t answer this question but if you want to know about something, where would you start? Google is 24 years old and so for the last 24 years – maybe even longer if you include ‘Ask Jeeves’ which was like sliced bread at the time – a quick internet search gets you your answer. Before this technological triumph you might go to either a person of vast insight or to the library and read a book.

Where does the internet get its data? How are the people so knowledge? Where do the writers get their content?

I don’t know, do you?

None of us know anything.

Although, it’s more none of us know everything but what is knowledge? I might be really good one day cleaning the dishes. The glasses might come up really shiny and clean and the plates are spotless but do I know how to clean dishes well? That day, maybe I do, but then what about the next day – will the same outcome occur because I have this knowledge? I might be tired the next day and I might not put enough effort into it or not enough soap on the sponge or the water might not be hot enough. One day I knew something, the next I don’t, and yet I will happily tell people that I know how to clean the dishes and how to do it well.

This applies to people in an ‘expert’ field as well. Someone who’s title is ‘nutritionist’, you would expect them to know about nutrition and food and drink and what’s good for you and bad for you right? You might even expect them to know everything about it – certainly you would ask about everything you want to know about it what it means to you – and so you would expect them to have a vast knowledge of it. What if they’ve only been given the title yesterday? Their title is still the same as someone who’s had the title for 20 years, has the expectation changed? Where did the nutritionist get their knowledge? Just because 1 person has been doing it for 20 years, doesn’t mean they are a ‘better’ nutritionist than the person who’s had the title 1 day. What is ‘better’?

People can give you answers to near enough anything, that’s the great thing about having a brain and a mouth, we can say things and use our brain somewhat to justify and argue our point enough to convince someone else. I might know something as fact but someone will give me their opinion and then I might make that my new fact. An expect might know something as fact, hear another opinion and stick to their original fact. Does mean that the expert is right or the person that gave an alternative opinion, which they believe is a fact?

To me, knowledge changes as much as our feelings. Sometimes we can control that, sometimes we can’t.

An expert has become and expert through putting in the time, the effort, probably some money, gone through the emotions and physical aspects, reflected and applied themselves. They’ve done a lot of work to get to the level of expert and good for them but what does that mean? They’ve read multiple books on their subject area and they’ve got it all nailed down in their brain? That they’ve spoke to every other expert and got all their knowledge as well as theirs? They’ve studied and learnt all of the internet? Maybe it’s that they’ve been doing it for 20+ years or they’ve been told by everyone around them they are the expert or they can charge the most for their work.

No one is an expert in anything.

One day you can know something and the next it’s gone.

There is only so far you can go as a person in becoming good at what you know but that doesn’t mean you can teach others to do that. Even if you can also be a good teacher, that other person doesn’t have the same hormones and chemical reactions in their mind and body to fulfil what you’ve set out for them.

Each person needs to learn what they want, in their own way, in any way that they see fit.

The aim isn’t to know everything, it’s to know enough to do what you want.

I’m aware there are people who can hold information well and others that seek out new information all the time and others that forget everything. Our brains are all wired differently, hence there being no right and wrong.

Learn from those around you who don’t call themselves experts. that don’t think they’ve achieved all they can in a certain area. Someone like that is always looking for new opportunities, looking for new ways to see things and do things, they’re not looking to know everything, they’re looking for things they don’t know about.

I’m not an expert in anything, definitely not writing. If you’ve stayed this far, thank you and well done. This is a brain fart that I needed to let out.

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