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6 Psychology-Backed Reasons to Personalize Your Phone Screen

A few tailored screen design tweaks can promote your mental well-being.

By Ana ChurPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

According to a recent survey from, in 2023, Americans check their phones an average of 144 times a day, with 89% of respondents saying they pick up their mobile devices within the first 10 minutes of waking up. Mindful phone usage is the subject of ongoing discussion, and these overwhelming numbers only emphasize its significance. Particularly, two questions come under the spotlight: “How much screen time is okay?” and “What can we do to enhance its meaningfulness?”

From a frequency perspective, there’s barely a one-size-fits-all answer. Naturally, the less mobile interaction, the better to live a more present and engaged life. However, everything is relative, and no matter if you pick up your phone 10 or 100 times during the day, you may want to optimize your experience – by customizing your screen.

While tailoring your digital space for visual appeal and convenience is a no-brainer, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, with several essential opportunities hidden underwater. Empowered with the MyScreen app, let’s delve into six psychology-backed ways a personalized phone screen can promote your mental well-being.

1. It helps express your individuality.

Self-expression is conducive to our mental health. Honest showcasing of oneself, be it through art, mindset, or outfits, is a psychological need. When accomplished, it instantly brings positive changes in the brain, boosting self-satisfaction and confidence and encouraging creativity.

Since a mobile phone is something very personal, a customized screen is another chance to emphasize your individuality, embrace your uniqueness, and show off your style and passions. You can set the wallpaper to reflect what you’re into, select the theme that resonates with your state of mind, interests, and beliefs, or choose the screen pack to match your favorite color scheme.

2. It promotes your happiness levels.

Personalizing your phone screen is a great way to increase the presence of positivity in your daily life. Visual reminders of what brings you genuine joy and makes you smile or feel grateful will immediately switch you to a more optimistic state of mind, stimulate a positive emotional response, and improve your mood.

As you see your phone screen repeatedly, you’ll be learning to cultivate the good in your life, thus elevating your happiness levels. A wallpaper with a nice picture of yourself can boost your confidence. A photo of your loved ones or fluffy friends can grow your contentment. A theme with a funny joke will make you laugh. Playful widgets and icons will cherish your inner child.

3. It boosts your inspiration and motivation.

Inspiration gives us the means to grow, create, and move to our goals. As it can be drawn from various sources, why not use your phone for a quick boost since it’s right here in your pocket? A stimulating backdrop of your screen can provide positive reinforcement, helping you maintain a productive mindset throughout the day.

It can be as simple as setting a wallpaper presenting your inspirations, e.g., the reminder of your past successes, the image of your role model, motivational quotes and affirmations that drive you, or displaying the widgets that track your progress toward your goals. All these messages will induce positive self-talk and help you feel more confident, connected to yourself, and determined to pursue your aspirations.

4. It helps embrace the moment and deepen experiences.

Any adventure, whether traveling somewhere, attending an event, or trying a new activity, is about enjoying the moment, savoring bright emotions, and creating lasting memories. Tuning your phone screen to what you are up to can help you be more present and connected to your experience. Moreover, it can enhance its authenticity, making it more harmonious and fulfilling.

Imagine you’re chilling in a tropical setting, and suddenly, a work message pops up. Receiving it framed with the local scenery features or culture elements can reduce the distraction and prevent you from falling out of the moment right away. You may choose to set the wallpaper with breathtaking mountain views when heading to a rock climbing gym or apply a stylized icon set when hanging out at a theme party.

5. It unlocks the power of visualization.

Visualization is the technique of portraying a goal by creating a detailed mental image of what you want to achieve in the future and approaching it like it’s already true today. This practice involves the experiences of all five sensory organs, enabling the imagination to generate a maximum clear, multifaceted, and realistic picture. Still, our brain receives around 80% of information through the eyes, and a phone screen can be of great assistance.

Repeatedly seeing visual representations of your wishes (even unintentionally and subconsciously) will help you keep your goals top of mind, nourishing your determination and dedication to achieve them. The simplest way is to set a wallpaper displaying your aspirations and strivings, e.g., your dream house or place you have your heart set on visiting.

6. It encourages you to live more mindfully.

Practicing mindfulness is vital for our mental and emotional well-being as it helps us retain healthy energy levels, manage stress, and achieve relaxation, especially when life gets hectic. If you lack time for a daily mindful routine, your phone screen can assist you with being more present and grounded.

Customizing it with calming nature scenes will help you notice and appreciate the world around you. A personalized screen pack can reduce distractions and aid in organizing your digital space with a focus on your purpose. Setting a meditative video as your battery charge animation will encourage a few minutes of stillness and silent contemplation. With a specially-designed widget, you can stay aligned with your daily intentions.

With just a few simple design tweaks, you can create a personalized digital environment that will favor your mental well-being. So, why not try and start customizing your phone screen today? You may be surprised at how much of a positive impact it can have on your daily life.

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