The Little Date

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An appreciation of the small details fuels a romantic relationship.

The Little Date
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It’s the little things.

And the joy they bring.

-India Arie

The enchanting and chilly scent

Emanating from the box

Is of the finest kinds of mint.

This taste of freshness rocks.

The tie and cufflinks

show azure blue.

The suit is as white as sinks.

The silk is like everything that’s true.

With all of the dollars rolled in pockets.

The money clip holds each one.

The cash gives electricity like sockets.

The night is just a small date to be done.

She wears a grey dress of satin.

I order drinks for the two of us.

A Long Island iced tea and a Manhattan

Reach our table without a fuss.

I compliment her on her hair.

She giggles and says, “thanks.”

She talks about my bald head with care.

Her words are currency to fill all banks.

The little things that make

Our union the latest

Can never be fake.

Our love is the greatest.

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