Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a care assistant from Oxfordshire with a passion for writing, travelling and gaming. Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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Writers Guild Annual Meeting 2018
4 days ago
A few weeks ago, I joined the Writers' Guild in the UK. The Writers' Guild is one of the many thorough unions for writers and they work very close together with other creative unions and fight for fai...
10 Catchiest Songs from Video Games
a month ago
Video games have been a growing medium since the late 70s, from the 8-bit masterpieces to cinematic glories. As the graphics have been evolving, so did the music and it has provided our ears with list...
A Fiver
a month ago
A fiver can get you a book without an ending. It will never be sad, but it will never be happy. Cliffhangers after cliffhangers are a bookworm's arch nemesis. A fiver can get you some sparkling trinke...
'Aggretsuko' Is a Fabulous Anime
2 months ago
When I first watched Aggretsuko, I was taken away by all the cuteness, humorous images, and how much I could relate to the characters. I was like, Retsuko is an epic death metal cat! Then I watched it...
Christina Aguilera's Albums Ranked
2 months ago
In her long career, Christina Aguilera has earned many nicknames and titles. Some are highly honourable like "the voice of our generation," and "princess of pop." Some not-so; others like Floptina and...
Zelda's Female Empowerment
2 months ago
The Legend Of Zelda is one of the most well known franchises in the world of gaming. Almost everyone knows about the story of a young boy in green called Link who slays Ganon and saves Princess Zelda....