Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a care assistant from Oxfordshire with a passion for writing, travelling and gaming. Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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Why I Love Writing Fanfiction
10 days ago
I think a lot of people talk down about fanfiction. They say it's not really fiction and consider it the lowest form of entertainment. A lot of people out there still don't know what fanfiction is and...
Possible Couples From 'The Letter'
10 days ago
The Letter by YangYang Mobile is one of my favourite visual novels at the moment. I love the characters and how complex they are. The story is compelling and the game is character-driven. It has just the right amount of gore for me. If you take the horror element away, you'd be left with one of the most vibrant casts since Ace Attorney. If you take the drama element you've got a perfect Halloween Flick. It works well together like peanut butter and jelly jam. Like many visual novels, you have a ...
The Benefits of NaNoWriMo
13 days ago
November is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is simple: complete your first novel draft within a month. Target word count: 50,000 words. I can tell you that this is a lot easier said than done. ...
Hufflepuffs Are Adorable as Fuck
15 days ago
Since writing my article, The Day I Discovered I Was A Slytherin, I felt the urge to write an article about the other three houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. I'm a Slytherin and I'm proud of it, but I think the other three houses are just as amazing. I like all of the four Hogwarts Houses because I think they can represent some amazing abilities and traits. By default, you have to be an amazing person if you've got your letter of acceptance from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wiz...
The Letter (Visual Novel)
15 days ago
Link on the visual novel database. The Letter is a visual novel released this year by Phillopino based game company YangYang Mobile. The game is inspired by the company's love for Asian Horror and visual novels. This is their first game. The Letter was initially a Kickstarter project. They successfully raised over $30,000, had over 500 supporters, and hired some of the most talented artists and voice actors around the internet. The game was got the go-ahead by Steam and was released earlier this...
Awesome Versions Of Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'
25 days ago
Taylor Swift's single, "Look What You Made Me Do," became the most watched music video in 24 hours with the most plays in a single day on Spotify. It also topped a lot of music charts all around the world. The song shows a change in Taylor Swift as opposed to the sweet country girl she started off as. Apparently this song samples "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. I had no idea about this and I've listened to both songs a lot of times and I have failed to see where this has been sampled. I'm sur...