Lilting Song

by SKYLERIZED 6 months ago in inspirational

Shall we consider “The Last Dance?”

Lilting Song

Champagne stings the eyes.

The cigar smoke lingers.

When the team again vies.

To hold trophies between their fingers.

The repeat of a dance states

That the team was the best.

Of all the other mates

They delivered on the test.

The last shot stood like a lilting song.

As six digits shot to the air,

Spectators wanted them to go long.

The man engendered excellence there.

Exuberance gushed with rapture.

The eyes of the world soaked

Up every moment to capture.

And the team remained stoked.

Though they would stop their reign

It meant that they could relax.

Some would see a different lane

And some would see more greenbacks.

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