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Captivated From First Sight

Love Poem - "From Across the Room" Challenge

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Captivated From First Sight
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Banter, laughter, and shouting buzzed about,

Despite anyone's doubt,

Your eyes locked with mine,

Curiosity surged along my spine.

No matter the chaos around us,

The bitter cold like their sour fuss,

No longer care for them to discuss,

No longer teetering on their truss.

When time stopped,

Our hearts popped.

An unexpected connection sparked,

Igniting a change to be embarked.

Their thoughts drop short,

Of whatever drama they escort,

In an attempt to abort,

What we wish to assort.

As I make my way to you,

My heart pitter-patters like new,

Something about the energy you release,

Enraptures me piece by piece.

Unlike the others, you seek something more,

From the way you expose your core,

Listening and sharing stories and secrets,

Our time together leaves me sleepless.

Awake in the dark longing for the presence of your soul,

To not make me happy or to feel whole,

But to spend time and build with you,

A life beyond conformity where we stay true.

From across the room, you pulled me in,

With an awe-struck gaze and a charming grin.

From the moment your eyes locked on me,

From the chains, we broke free.

To cultivate something real,

To create a love that will heal,

Rather than steal,

Rather than peel.

To build a reality around our team,

A bond others can't rip at the seam.

Any lies or words of doubt they spew,

Together we stand, through and through.


If they were too blind to understand your sorrow, why give them the power of your tomorrow?

If they never cheered for your happiness despite the strife, then why should they dictate your decisions in life?


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~ "Really liked this. I also enjoyed the last two sentences. If someone doesn't care they don't deserve your tomorrow."


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