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maybe relatable edition part 2

By MissclickedPublished about a year ago 4 min read

''And at the end we all do what we thought we wouldn't

I know very well how embarrassed my future self would be when she would read this, but still here i am adding fuel to the fire. Meanwhile if anyone is thinking why the second part is coming after 14-15 days when i clearly depicted my dedication for writing well it's just ME, i am LAZY. Now without any delay lets get back right from where i left (no clue why i sound like a you-tuber, please bare with me).


I still don't remember if it was a random day or a predetermined time by the universe when the idea of a side hustle slipped into me; for the record, let's just say it was out of jealousy, and here's why. So for context, I have an elder brother who started teaching tutions as a part-time thing and made a decent amount of cash, and as a younger sibling i always wanted to copy that, the tutions? naah.... the cash flow (although he always gave me some money every time he got paid).

The very next day, I looked everywhere with only a little talent in hand and successfully landed some 147 rejection emails, with most of them immensely highlighting the fact that the minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree. There were also some acceptance emails, but to my surprise they were unpaid labor and were sadly not my type, and of coarse why would I tell you about all those 67 emails that said I failed the interview or assignment? Yes, thank you; I am not that timid. Jokes apart, I finally landed an internship at Quizzy in which I had to answer questions related to various subjects, and even the pay was quite decent.

Here are some of the things I liked about working at Quizzy that I appreciate a lot: firstly, instead of directly pouring the newly joined intern with workload, they have this training week where the interns are made to learn about the work they would be doing, as well as some Excel sheet training and other stuff. If you are newly hired, you don't have to worry about making mistakes as we have a separate excel sheet in which remarks are given for your work by superiors, so mistakes are less likely and efficiency is maintained. The next best thing that I personally adore the most is the flexibility of work and the incentive programs, there's a minimum of 10 questions you have to answer each day, and it's up to you if you want to do more for some extra bucks, cool right? I rarely see this at other internships, to be honest. Lastly, how could I forget the supportive and dedicated superiors I have that have guided and acknowledged my abilities to ladder my growth upwards. Overall, my experience at Quizzy is amazing, and all of these reasons are enough to explain why I still work there and would continue to do so.


If you are someone who has read the first part of this blog, then you must be wondering, "What about your priority goal? Did you get into Medscool?" Well, the answer is YES, but a little bit NO, allow me to elaborate on my misery for you. A little context if you don't have any idea how in India students get into med-school aka medical college, there is an exam called NEET-UG that you have to qualify for, which is of 720 marks, and on the basis of your scores and rank, different colleges are allotted to you. So this year my score was 623/720, and before anyone says how cool that is, let me tell you it's quite average in my country (trust me, I am not being modest). So will I get into medical college? Of course, YES I will with that score, some of my state colleges and other state colleges will be willing to take me in. But here's the thing, Will I get a good medical college? Trust me, I have no idea! all thanks to the rank vs. marks spike, which is immense this year. To my surprise, my rank this year is the same as the person who got 13–14 marks lower than me last year. Also, the counseling process is quite tricky, and even a single mistake could land you in a not-so-good med-school, thus its a 50-50 situation for a good med-school (fingers crossed).

What will I do now? You may ask, Well, there is little to nothing or absolutely nothing that I can do except wait for the counseling process, and if luck be by my side (which mostly isn't), and if my state cut-off falls (also very less likely), you might be able to read some med-school blogs written by me sharing all of my experiences there. Although fact of the day is med-student or not, I will always remember the hard days I had while preparing for the entrance exam and all of the ingredients that I put together to achieve the goal. All those long hours of self-study sessions, 5 am alarms, coffee shots, burnout, and part-time stuff—I know I did the best of my potential, and I am proud of it.

WRITER''S NOTE: I think I poured my misery too much into this blog, but don't worry it's not an apology here's a song recommendation to lighten up your mood, LIMBO-by Keshi (ps: you can never have bad music taste if you listen to keshi)

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  • Mohammad Yusufabout a year ago

    Simple and sophisticated...very few people have this quality... beautiful depicted the whole scenario...loved it🖤🖤

MissclickedWritten by Missclicked

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