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Maybe relatable edition (PART 1)

By MissclickedPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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If you know me hi!, and if you don't then here's a greeting from a 19 year old weird head who is absolutely overwhelmed by everything at this point in her life and would further rant about her problems which most of them don't even exist. Thus in case you are sure to tag along proceed with caution.

you're still here? thank you... (virtual tears+ red heart)

I still remember the days when i just lacked any motivation to lift even a finger and laid in bed like if there's no monday. At that time i had completed my school life but wasn't able to get into medical college, it was shameful for me but i decided to carry on anyways. With time everything became normal and i started planning my life again( like we all do).

the topmost priority of my list was of coarse to get into a good government medical college and a few other things like starting a blog page as it always has been on my mind. The other things were like learning french, finding a good part time job, working on my skincare etc well you know all those things we see other people doing and think we could too. Well jokes on me i ended up never completing half of the things on my list.


Here's a quick rewind of how my blog page was a complete mess. I started writing my first blog around last year October, it was actually supposed to be a daily journal writing kind of thing and i remember naming it ''The journey of starting from zero''. The first few days were exciting but gradually i lost the spirit to write further majorly because i had high hopes of becoming an internet sensation under 24 hours (you can laugh through this, its okay we have mutual feelings). At the end i wrote only 4 blogs in a span of 6 months or something but you won't find it here because i lost the id and had some complications in getting it back.

But again here i am, writing again all these embarrassing deeds without even flinching in the view of the fact that i believe writing heals, it soothes places only words can reach. Every blog i write act as a souvenir to the emotions i felt in that moment and acts as a time machine each time i read it back. So read this or not, i will continue to write my life's thesis in the best way possible.


In case you are eager to ask me Bonjour, comment ça va? my answer would be Bonjour, ça va bien, and that's all mate we would have to stop right there as these are the only french magical words i know. Learning a new language seemed quite fun when i started it but gradually my schedule got hectic and i had to push few things out of my to do list. I wouldn't rate the experience a five star yet indeed french is a beautiful language and i would love to resume learning it sometime again.

I used the app Duolingo which was quite helpful in learning the basics, if you are someone who is looking for an aid to learn a language faster this is a great choice.


Do you know someone who waits an entire month for their pay just to spend it all on skincare? well you know her now. As soon as i found a part time job the first thing on my mind was skincare, ironically for someone whose life was falling apart my major concern was skin breakout (Yes, thank you). If i roughly calculate the amount of money i have spend on skincare till this day it would be worth the money i could have arranged a friend's birthday party, ate pizza for a straight week and 3 months of mutual funds deposit added together. Just in case anyone wants to know how my skin is doing, the answer would be completely obvious, just the same. Anyone who has even a little knowledge about skincare would know the basic ingredient to it that is consistency, which i clearly forgot to add to my cart. Anyways, life is all about learning, now that i know where i lacked the further steps can be done better.

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Hey fella! welcome to my blog or you could say a little window into my thoughts. Here I will be writing about various topics like, life experiences, short fictions, poems and sometimes a little insights to my life. I hope we all get along!

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Comments (7)

  • Sid Aaron Hirji12 months ago

    As a 19 year old I had a grim prognosis. Neuropsychologist said would not hold a job or go to college. Safe to say I proved him wrong

  • Doc Sherwood12 months ago

    You had me at "weird head!" Loved reading about you, because it was all so honest and genuine, and as with Novel below you really took me back to being nineteen myself. I think it's the age to be a bit betwixt and between, so not to worry! I was working as a tea-boy in some law firm, school and college behind me and no idea what was next. On my nineteenth birthday I remember taking the bus to London to buy some anime video tapes in Chinatown, then watched them next day on my mum's VHS, great times! In other words, nineteen's only the beginning, so just go on writing and you'll be fine!

  • Novel Allen12 months ago

    When I was nineteen i lived in a total daze not knowing which way was up or down. i was working, going to night school for courses which i wasn't sure where it was leading, but i just kept going. Having a plan is great, but not all of us go with the flow. Resorces are available now which were not, in my day long, long ago. I always wondered what your age is. You are poised to grab the world by the horns and ride that bull. Go get em tiger.

  • Thavien Yliasterabout a year ago

    Do You need a blog? Nah, just going based off of reading this You need to learn how to journal first. Like writing letters to Yourself, and being honest with Yourself about it. Take that time to explore new writing styles, but it'll also help to provide comprehensive to You and how to provide context to an audience as well. Being a male, when it comes to skincare I just tend to wash, exfoliate, moisturize, and apply spf as needed. Dove Body Wash is great, I only used Old Spice once and only once (believe it or not Old Spice dried me out more than Axe body wash did at the time, though that was years ago and I haven't tried their new moisturizing products, so it was a 1 and done for me). There's tons of natural soaps I've used, especially ones made from plant oils. Those are nice. Duolingo has helped and even guilt shamed me into continuing practicing again, but remember You only have so much mental capacity. Listening to music in that other language helps out a lot too. Worse case scenario, buy the Rosetta Stone lifetime pack. It's a 1 and done deal. No subscriptions, no bs, no hassle. Naps are addictive and can lead to depression. Don't avoid them at all cost, but put a healthy limit on napping. They should only be used to recharge and recover, and as an occasional luxury (like when You pet sits on Your lap). If You want more energy to get stuff done, workout. I can't stress this enough but Your body needs to undergo physical exertion. Get some sunlight, get some Vitamin D, and Your day will go by a lot smoother.

  • Jay Kantorabout a year ago

    Dear The 'Weird' Ms. 'C' ~ Thank you for the lovely comment re; "Dear Mom" and although I have T-Shirts older than you - you may now start archiving 'Favorite' memories for your 'Kids' someday, too.   Welcome to our little Village Neighborhood - Amazing to me that so many can relate to one another from a Globe apart. We will all continue to enjoy your 'Perky-Self' Jay Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community -

  • Mohammad Yusufabout a year ago

    Relatable depiction...🖤

MissclickedWritten by Missclicked

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