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Trauma and how to clear it

Traumatic experience can be cleaned away

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Trauma and how to clear it
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Trauma, who doesn't has it? In fact, most of us has at least 2 traumas. From a bad relationship to a job loss, these things cause us traumas. The aftermath of these traumatic experiences is that we no longer dare or want to face the same things anymore.

For example if you have had a terrible boyfriend, maybe you wouldn't want any men anymore to get married to. In fact a lot of us try to escape seeing or participating or doing anything remotely near to these things that cause us trauma.

However, there are a few remedies to clear ourselves of these traumatic memories:

1. Spit at it, hard

Try for once, to spit at it, in a very hard way. Then you will find yourself bigger than the thing that gave you trauma. For example, you could give a hard spit on your ex-boss that has trampled on you hard by screaming profanities day in and day out. Just spit at it hard, mentally. Hope your spit reaches the thing you spitted on telepathically. When you feel bigger, stronger, or tougher than the thing that beat you down, you no longer will feel extreme fear of it. In fact, you will feel relieved knowing that you don't have to fear it down to the core. As if you are still afraid!

2. Laugh at yourself

The second remedy is to laugh at yourself hard. Hard enough to make yourself teary. When you laugh at yourself hard enough, you will find that you are more matured now, the thing that gave you trauma wasn't that scary anyway, why would you have acted that way anyway? Recall that past blunder and laugh at how silly you were? For example if you have quitted your job due to some silly issues, laugh at it as if you could have thought otherwise. And learn from this regret, so that you become wiser and more matured.

3. Think otherwise, of what if, you have been the other way instead

Recall that past traumatic experience, analyze it deeply, think of all the grand and not so grand strategies, tactics, techniques and whatever should and could have been done by you if you would have think otherwise, and grow bigger and better from looking at them. What if you have thought and done otherwise? By doing so, you grew yourself to become a more experienced person and you will no longer be afraid of that thing that seemed to have given you trauma earlier.

4. Take note to not repeat the same blunder

Be careful of the pitfall of repeating the same blunder, because if you go for the same thing yet you don't know how to navigate out of danger, then it is only obvious that you never have grown any wiser from your past traumatic experience. "This time around, I will not be defeated again!", that's what you should tell yourself, after looking at all the analysis of that past blunder.

5. Tell your story everywhere

When you tell your traumatic story everywhere, you can only gain one thing, support if not sympathy. By sharing your past blunder and how you grew to regret them with others you will enlighten and warn others from falling into the same traps. Others will be much prepared to face it if there is similar things waiting for them out there. Besides that, you will actually be soothed by how many well wishers there are wishing for you to get better. You will have support of the many people who share the same view and same perception. So, go about telling your story everywhere, and the trauma will no longer has any effect on you.

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