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Take A Look At The Bigger Picture

Are You Ready To Love On You!

By AdonShar For RealPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Take A Look At The Bigger Picture
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The Story

We look at the word "Love" and the world stops. Whether we want to admit it or not. It is powerful all on it's own. How we choose to use it, is up to us. If we take a bigger look at the picture we see that the love has been lost throughout the world today.

Can this be fixed? Getting to know that real you and understanding that the soul; our energy, needs love. If we surround ourselves with nothing but evil and malicious tactics we eventually will be defeated by our own ego.

The ego if not corrected can be a dark reflection of the path you dare not want to walk. Most of us look at the ego as being confident, being aggressive, and knowing who you are. However, when you look deep inside are you really happy or dying inside.

Are You Ready To Love?

This is not an easy question to answer. It never is, and if any one has ever asked you to break it down. Do it when you are ready. I had a to take a step back and analyze this word for a long time.

Now I can finally say that I understand and know what "Love" is. Before I even started to define this I had to first find out where it was. I had to end a relationship because I couldn't love that person the way I truly needed to.

I wasn't a selfish person. I was just the opposite, focused on working and getting to understand why I had the ups and downs I went threw. It took honestly, several years before I realized that I was ready to "Love".

The self-care I gave to myself was very much needed. As I teach and educate other I see that I was the creator of my own life. I had to not be scared of my past. Once I let go of all the troubled times and pains I had been through I made better changes for me.

I had to be ready to "Love" on me. When you learn about healing with "Love" it is powerful to the point your whole focus changes. Meaning, the things around you and the people change. Your mindset is completely different.

The New You

Take the time to work on where you see yourself going. The first person you should question is the voice inside of you. In order to be successful you have to stay have to on track. Look in the mirror and know that you changed for the better.

When you "Love" yourself you will feel it all over. Leave the past alone and stick to moving forward. You can look back, but only for a moment. Take a deep breathe and be proud of how far you have come. Self-care is hard work, don't let yourself be defeated.


  • Grab a pen and paper and write where you lack in "Love"
  • Count how many times in any relationship you actually used the word "Love"
  • If you have children, how often do you express "Love" to them
  • How many songs have you listened to that remind you of "Love", listen to that soundtrack/playlist and cry it out
  • What books do you read that lift you up?
  • Are there any activities that make you happy?


Before you walk into you next situation give yourself time. Being alone for a little while is probably the best thing you can do. If you are not able to have that me time, find a time that you know is quiet and take advantage of it.

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AdonShar For Real

I focus on creating inspirational poems, educational, and spiritual healing blogs from personal experiences. My topics help motivate people to heal from toxic relationships, mental health, and addictive behaviors.

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