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How To Heal With Chakras & Natural Herbs

Balancing Your Energy & Understanding The Results

By AdonShar For RealPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
How To Heal With Chakras & Natural Herbs
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The Steps I Used To Heal With Chakras

Before I knew anything about Chakra’s I had to research what I was getting myself into. I was very stressed and didn’t know how to relieve that the right way. Therapy and medication was so repetitive that it became numb to my body.

I was labeled by my doctor’s as having an obesity problem. It was due to over eating, high cholesterol, medication that interacted with each other. Something I found out from a previous psychiatrist I was seeing. She explained that not everyone need medication to sustain a healthy life style. You can do more to change yourself. I’m sure you are wondering how is that possible?

The more subscription pills I was prescribed, and adding into my body didn’t help each diagnosis I supposedly had. No I wasn’t getting better, I decided to learn how to healing my body naturally. There are several books for every aliment you could possibly think of you just have to find a natural herbal product that works best for you.

I meet a few people over the years that were going to yoga classes. I tried them at a local gym I use to go to often. It was very therapeutic and calming. I realized when my body was in horrific pain from physical therapy this was my go to.

At first the process was hard for me since my concentration was not the best after my deployments in Iraq. However, I motivated myself to stay focused and work through all the BS, I’d gone through. The tough roads eventually became easier for me to grasp and sticking to yoga along with meditation instantly was a part of my every day life.

It was a realistic pattern and method I found helpful and would like to share. As I started balancing myself and saving my body energy. I saw that I wasn’t drained at the end of the day I had more energy to do other things I liked.

My First Healing Book:

I went to my local bookstore and they had this book called Chakra Healing: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing and Techniques that Balance the Chakras by Margarita Alcantara. I was excited because it was half price and of course it seemed interesting.

by Margarita Alcantara

As I read each Chapter they listed the tools and techniques you needed to start the healing process to reduce stress and balance your body from the root to the crown. This method is something I advocate to men, women, and children I met daily. You do not have to be spiritual to understand that your body and health are the most important things to living a prosperous life.

Chakra Chart

The diagram above is a chart of the chakras in order from base to top starting with: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. These are the orders which you have to work with to properly along your body.

If anyone of your Chakras are off balance you are not properly aligned. Yes there are massage places you can go for treatment or you can do as I did and work on it yourself. Either way takes time, nothing comes easy. You have to really push yourself to be better so you get on the healthier side rather then stay stuck and bloated with medication.

The root chakra- color is red its located at the base of the tailbone. It is part of our daily survival needs, were we need sleep and protects our safety. The root is connected to the earth and our stability. When you root chakra is blocked you may feel constipation or bladder problems. When you are aligned you may feel like you are secure and protected mentally and even physically.

The sacral chakra-color is orange its located below the bellybutton. The main point of this chakra focused on your sexuality, creativity, and pleasure. When you are not balanced you may have problems like urinary tract infection or lower back pain. If you align this chakra you will understand more about your self-worth, sexuality, and creativity.

The solar plexus chakra- color is yellow its located in the abdominal area. This chakra is for your confidence and helps with your self-esteem. We all need this aligned like the others but if your feel you lack self-esteem you need to really work hard in making this area better. When its blocked you may feel heart burn or even indigestion problems. If you learn to align this chakra you will see that it promotes personal power within you.

The heart chakra-color is green its located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra is the part of the body that represents our love and compassion for ourselves and others. If this is blocked you will notice heart problems, you’ll see it in how you treat others, like placing them before yourself. An increase in weight over time or rapidly.

If you are ever feeling lonely, upset, or insecure about situations or life events. When you are aligned your able to focus more on healing your love life, family issues, and past traumas.

The throat chakra- color is blue its located right where it states in the center of the throat. This deals with how you communicate with yourself and others. When this is blocked you may experience problems with your throat or mouth area. If you find yourself gossiping or having trouble voicing your opinion, feeling dominated.

Then you really have to work on communicating the right way where others understand you. If you are compassionate and authentic to yourself you will see a change in how others treat you.

The third eye chakra-color is indigo its located in the center of the forehead. The third eye deals with your intuition. If you have blockages you will experience headaches or sight issues. When you are not aligned in this area you will not be able to physically use your intuition wisely. When aligned your able to really follow your gut or intuition and see a wider picture of any situation without views from others.

The crown chakra- color is white or violet located at the center of the head. This has to deal with your awareness, if this is blocked with can affect the nerve system and your bodily organs. When this is aligned you are able to understand what your life purpose or mission in the world.

The more aligned your body is the healthier you will start to feel without regret. Being balanced doesn’t mean your selfish, inconsiderate, or practice witch craft. Like some may have assumed, it means you are working on not giving your energy to others who really don’t matter and protecting yourself from those who don’t understand the affects of healing properly.

Thank you for reading. Please like, share, and comment!

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