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Leading by Example: Inspiring Your Team through Tough Challenges

Everything about a good leader

By Hridya SharmaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Leading by Example: Inspiring Your Team through Tough Challenges

Leadership is a process using which a government can direct, manually, and have an effect on the behavior and work of others in the direction of the accomplishment of unique desires in a given situation. Leadership is the potential of a manager to set off the subordinates to paintings with self-assurance and zeal.

Leadership is the ability to influence the behaviour of others. It is likewise described as the ability to influence a set toward the belief of an aim. Leaders are required to increase future visions and to inspire the organizational participants to want to attain the visions. According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the capability to influence others to are trying to find described goals enthusiastically. It is the human component which binds a group collectively and motivates it closer to desires.”

Characteristics of Leadership

1. It is an interpersonal process wherein a manager influences and guides employees toward the attainment of desires.

2. It denotes a few characteristics present in a person which incorporates intelligence, maturity, and personality.

Three. It is a collection system. It involves extra humans interacting with every different.

4. A chief is worried about shaping and moulding the behaviour of the institution toward the accomplishment of organizational dreams.

5. Leadership is a state of affairs bound. There isn’t any first-class fashion of leadership. It all depends upon tackling the situation.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Captaining the Ship of Adversity

The following are the principal roles of a leader in an organization :

1. Required in any respect ranges- Leadership is a characteristic that is critical in any respect. In the pinnacle degree, it’s far essential for buying cooperation in the formula of plans and regulations. In the centre and decrease stage, it’s far required for interpretation and execution of plans and programs framed by way of the pinnacle management. Leadership may be exercised via guidance and counselling of the subordinates at the time of execution of plans.

2. Representative of the organization- A leader, i.e., a supervisor is stated to be the representative of the business enterprise. He has to symbolize the concern at seminars, meetings, general conferences, and so forth. His function is to communicate the intent of the agency to the outside public. He is likewise a consultant of the department which he leads.

3. Integrates and reconciles personal dreams with organizational dreams- A leader through leadership traits enables the reconciling/integration of the personal goals of the employees with the organizational dreams. He is trying to coordinate the efforts of people toward a common motive and thereby achieve goals. This can be completed simplest if he can have an effect on and get willing co-operation and urge to perform the objectives.

4. He solicits a guide- A chief is a supervisor and besides that, he is a person who entertains and invites assistance and cooperation of subordinates. This he can do with the aid of his personality, intelligence, adulthood, and experience which can provide him with fine results. In this regard, a leader has to ask for hints and if viable enforce them into plans and programs of business enterprise. This way, he can solicit the full help of employees which ends up in willingness to work and thereby effectiveness in strolling a difficulty.

5. As a chum, philosopher, and guide- A chief ought to own the three-dimensional traits in him. He may be a chum by sharing his emotions, reviews, and dreams with the employees. He may be a philosopher making use of his intelligence and enjoying and thereby guiding the employees as and whilst time requires. He can be a guide by using supervising and speaking to the employees about the plans and policies of pinnacle control and securing their cooperation to achieve the dreams of a concern. In instances, he can also play the position of a counsellor by counselling and a problem-fixing approach. He can concentrate on the troubles of the employees and try and resolve them.


Lead Like The World Is Not Watching. A leader should be defined not by his name but by his team. True Success lies in building a team so strong the world does not know who the leader is

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