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How History Can Repeat Itself From The View Point of Your Forgiveness & Faith

People Make Excuses for Their Mistakes Why Not Own Up to Your Faults & "You Will Be Forgiven!"

By AdonShar For RealPublished 11 months ago 5 min read
How History Can Repeat Itself From The View Point of Your Forgiveness & Faith
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The Background

I did not understand much about God until I started reading more about the Bible and what his words mean daily. Every day situations in our lives have been playing out in the world historically, presently, and futuristically.

We all have dealt with some type of trauma, whether it be physically, mentally, or verbally. Our parents, grandparents, and children have traditions that were taught through the Bible, Our Ancestors, or learnt from observing others.

As a child I was baptized in a Baptist Church, but had a Godfather who was Evangelist. So I was confused about what studying the Bible meant, how important going to church was for my family. I eventually strayed away from the church setting.

Present Day

Decades later I revisted taking an interest in wanting to learn about the Bible. Instead, of picking up a Bible first I went the route of becoming Spiritual. What does that mean?

I learned first about our first religion in the world, Astrology. I was fascinated with wanting to understand who I am. The book I read is called The Beginner's Guide to Astrology: Class Is In Session by Dusty Bunker. (Bunker, 2017)

My life changing events in becoming Spiritual, and understanding more about birth charts, and Astrology as the first religion of the human race. Bunker, states "the desire to connect outside ourselves, it is even more important to connect to our inner universe; first know thyself."

Now that I understand myself I am able to pass my teaching on to others about what I have learned. Today is the first day, I stand tall and show my Spiritual gifts to the world. I hide behind the vail afraid to show who I was. Now I stand in my full power and have exposed the world on the truth behind the vail without regret.

How history is repeating itself?

We know the famous story about Adam and Eve. The Serpent lied to her and got Eve to take a bite of the Apple saying she will be like God "knowing good and evil." When she did this "it meant that she would be able to decide what is right and wrong." Eve also gave the apple to Adam whom also became knowledgeable.

In God's eye they knew they were not suppose to eat the fruit from that tree. However, man and woman had a great life. When God asked them, why they hid from him. They both had different excuses, no one admitted to their wrong or mistake. They did not see that at the time. Just like many people in the world today. "If you own up to your faults, God will forgive!" (Lang, 2016)

Adam and Eve were to blame for their own situation. Blaming the Serpent was not a good idea. This is my understanding of how to best explain the story and the lesson I learned from it. My opinion is not right or wrong, because I know that I don't blame other's for my faults.

Your Life & Situation Where Do You Stand?

Look at your life and see how many of you have been like Adam and Eve. The temptation is real, wanting more than what you currently have. Not being gratiful for what God has already given you?

Jealously and envoy can play a big part in our lives. Being materialist can cost you your life. I am glad I don't have to pay the price. My regret is not waking up sooner to the evil around me. However, placing my faith in God's hand, and walking with the Divine allowed me to see that I was never the problem.

What looks good on the outside is not always going to make you happy inside. People who judge others from the outside appearance leads to your own insecurities. Only "God can judge you", which I'm sure many of us see now.

Lesson Learned

The idea is to admit your wrongs and not hide from the situation or issues. God is around all of us whether we want to admit it or not. He already knows what decisions you are aleady going to make before it happens.

If you decide to make excuses, the consequences are even worst when you finally get caught. I'm not perfect, nor have I ever said I was. What I know is when I make a mistake just like others, I learn the lesson and not repeat it again.

I want to explain that my heart was once dark, and yes I blamed others for situations I didn't think I could fix. Before I knew it I was not getting any where. My progress was stuck leaving me no-one to blame but myself. I had to look at what I needed to change, and I took those actions.

I realized what karma was in my life and how I needed to do better. Decades later I see why God, lead me on the path to solitude. He needed me to see "my worth!" Why I had to take the the toxic relationships, boundaries, and people out of my life.

I was punshing myself for things that were not not fault. Standing in the way of other people from getting their karma. When you realize that you are the black sheep in the family hold everything together you remove yourself. Let the tower fall where God wants it to fall, Divine timing was the ket to my success. Following my heart, intuitions, and desires lead me to finally see what my dreams meant and why my spiritual tribe was so important in history.

Practice tip:

We can all create our own lives when we signed our contracts with God. Whether you choose to believe it or not. The day you were born was the day you were ready to come into the world to complete your mission. The upset and downs that you go through is yours along. No one is to blame for the path your life is going.

When you pick up an astrolgoy book, and learn about who you truly are. You will see that any abusive relationship you faced, mental or verbal abuse you been dealt with was part of your contract. Your soul can to this earth to experience what life is like to be human.

Some of us finish the quest and get to our life purpose. Other's fail the mission and have to repeat this in another life-time if your are given permission based on what you did this life-time.

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