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How did the ancient Chinese live longer and resist aging?

by Be Inspired - Be Motivated 2 months ago in success / self help / how to / happiness / goals / advice
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Resist The Force Of Aging

The Chinese people's exploration of the way of longevity began in ancient times.

Health is the maintenance of life, is the main method of strengthening the body, preventing diseases and anti-aging . In the "Huangdi Neijing", there is an incisive discussion: "In ancient times, people who knew the law were yin and yang, and the number of techniques, eating and drinking, daily life, and did not work rashly, so they were able to combine form and spirit. At the end of his days, he is gone when he is a hundred years old.”

It means that people in ancient times, who knew how to maintain health, would adapt to the changes of yin and yang in nature to recuperate the yin and yang in their bodies, and use the methods and techniques of health preservation in a normal and rational manner. Eat in moderation, neither too full nor too hungry; sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty flavors must be reconciled; and work must not be overworked. This will keep you physically strong and full of energy. Therefore, to achieve the innate lifespan, that is, to spend the lifespan normally.

For five thousand years, traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in health preservation, anti-aging, disease elimination and aging. The theory of "Laozi", "returning to the truth and reverting to the original, quiet and inaction"; the theory of "Zhuangzi", blowing and breathing (blow, cold breath; 呴, warm breath), spit out the old and accept the new, Xiongjing Birdshen (a kind of spread in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period) Health gymnastics); the theory of "Lv's Spring and Autumn Period", "running water does not rot, household hinges do not stink" (flowing water does not stink, and the door shaft that rotates frequently will not rot), etc., are all famous sayings handed down from generation to generation.

Although longevity and health are the wishes of millions of people, people always grow old. The desire to live, the fear of death, the pain of illness, and the sorrow of old age are the most basic human nature and emotions. The five blessings mentioned in "Shangshu Hongfan" (the first one is longevity, the second is wealth, the third is Kang Ning, the fourth is good morality, and the fifth is death) and the six extremes (one is short-lived, the second is illness, and the third is It is called worry, the fourth is poverty, the fifth is evil, and the sixth is weakness), which all show that the happiness of life is not the possession of wealth or the acquisition of reputation and status, but the health, tranquility and longevity of life.

The way of health preservation that should be practiced in traditional Chinese medicine

There are many factors that affect longevity, such as endowment, physical fitness, disease, emotional changes, diet and so on. How to remove the unhealthy factors and achieve the purpose of prolonging life?

Gong Tingxian, a physician in the Ming Dynasty, put forward the following points on how to enjoy his old age in his book "Shou Shi Bao Yuan: The Old Man":

The first is that the elderly should not waste their muscles and muscles excessively because of etiquette. "The elderly should not rely on the strength of the muscles as a ritual. When it comes to feasts, why should you force yourself to support them? It's a warning for old age." Whether the physical strength can bear it, if you participate in a grand banquet for the sake of etiquette, if you are tired, why bother to support the guests? This is to be avoided in the age of physical decline;

Second, there is the precept, "I don't want to take any of my thoughts, the success or failure of the family, I will pay my children and grandchildren with all my heart, and I will travel freely, with a pure heart and few desires." );

Third, it is "clothing is thin and light, it should not be gorgeous and heavy, be careful to take it off, avoid the invasion of wind, cold, heat and humidity, and carefully adjust the photo" (the texture of the clothes should be soft and warm, not too gorgeous and heavy, do not add clothes casually, avoid wind, Cold, heat and dampness invade, take care of your body*);

Fourth, it is "drinking warm and avoiding cold and cold, eating soft and soft, but far from stiff, must reduce, frequent and slow meals, do not overeat, panic and swallow, and formulate medicines for strengthening the spleen, regulating qi and nourishing at the four seasons" (drinking warm water, eating Soft and easy-to-digest food, the diet should be chewed slowly, not greedy, the four seasons should be a health medicated diet*);

Fifth, it is "Don't get up early to look for the secluded and look far away, and don't go back late to have a good time with the young and strong. It's just fit." *).

These are in line with the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly, and are suitable for regular practice.

To avoid illness and live a long life, cultivating the heart is more important than maintaining

In Huangdi Neijing's "Su Wen·Ancient Innocent Theory", it says: The key to people's health and longevity is to relieve all kinds of worries and desires, to moderate work and rest, and to maintain a happy and quiet state of mind.

Tao Hongjing, a physician in the Jin Dynasty, also said: There is no great sorrow, no great grief, this so-called neutralization, who can neutralize, will have a long life. It means that those who can avoid great sorrow and mourning will live long.

Many people do not believe that the length of a person's life is predestined, and think that it depends on whether they are good at maintenance. In fact, according to the author's own clinical experience of observing people, the saying that good maintenance leads to longevity is true, but the personality of a person also determines whether or not The key to a long and healthy life. And these qualities are usually related to their personal beliefs or the stubbornness that results from them.

Those who are destined to live a long life usually have the characteristics of being willing to listen to other people’s words of goodness. On the contrary, they are suspicious and not easy to trust others. However, they don’t know that one needs to nurture the heart first, and to nurture the heart must pay attention to emotional regulation. Resentment, anger and desire, to reach the state of contentment and happiness, neither self-cultivation nor self-resolving. A good mood is better than ten good medicines, and it can relieve physical and mental fatigue and pain. Therefore, a broad mind, cheerful disposition, and emotional peace are inevitable for a long and healthy life.

To put it simply, cultivating the mind is better than being good at maintaining one’s health and longevity. The ultimate goal of health preservation is to ask people to “return to the right”, whether it is diet, daily life, routine, and life, etc., must be properly adjusted.

Eliminate diseases in time

When it comes to being sick, the qi, blood, yin and yang of the elderly, and the internal organs are in a state of decline and disorder. Once sick, various symptoms will arise, and it is easy to become a chronic disease. Therefore, disease and aging are closely related.

If you want to live long, you must first get sick. Elderly people are more likely to be attacked by evil if they are physically weak. If they are not able to transform their qi, they will not be able to move blood smoothly, and evil will easily gather and disperse. If the evil can be eliminated in time, it will be more conducive to health and longevity.

Diet is the nutritional basis for essence, qi and spirit

When it comes to health, we must pay attention to diet, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the body. The most important material foundations of the human body are essence, qi, and spirit. When the body is well nourished, the essence and qi will be sufficient, and the spirit will be healthy and prosperous. Diet is the nutritional basis for essence, qi, and spirit.

Foods are different in nature and taste, and have different effects on the viscera. "Simple Questions: The Great Essence of Truth": "The five flavors enter the stomach, and each returns to his liking, so acid first enters the liver, bitter first enters the heart, sweet first enters the spleen, pungent first enters the lung, and salty first enters the kidney. also."

The nutritional effect of food on the human body is also manifested in the selectivity of the viscera, meridians, and parts of the human body, which is the so-called "returning to the meridian" problem. Such as: green vegetables enter the liver meridian; pears, lotus and white food enter the lung meridian, grains enter the spleen and stomach meridians; black food enters the kidney meridian and so on. Targeted selection of appropriate diet, nutritional needs can be supplemented.

The effect of diet and health care is two-fold:

1. Strengthen the body and prevent diseases

Diet provides nutrient supply, so that qi and blood are sufficient, and the functions of the internal organs are vigorous. Active metabolism, strong vitality, great adaptability to changes in nature, and strong resistance to disease.

"Simple Questions: Yin and Yang Should Be Like Great Theory" says: "If the shape is insufficient, use Qi to warm it, and if the essence is insufficient, use the taste to supplement it." According to the characteristics of food's Qi and taste, as well as the rise and fall of yin and yang of the human body, appropriate diet and nutrition should be provided. , or to nourish the essence, or to supplement the shape, not only supplement nutrition, but also adjust the balance of yin and yang. Not only to ensure the health of the body, but also an important measure to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

2. Longevity and anti-aging

Diet adjustment is one of the reasons for longevity. Paying attention to dietary habits and nutritional intake to achieve anti-aging, anti-aging, longevity and longevity has been the focus of physicians in the past dynasties. Chinese medicine believes that essence is born in the innate and nourished in the acquired day. Essence is stored in the kidney and nourished in the five internal organs. If the essence qi is sufficient, the stomach qi will be prosperous. If the kidney qi is full, the body will be healthy and vigorous. Choosing appropriate ingredients when eating and paying attention to diet deployment is meaningful for anti-aging and anti-aging.

"The Book of Retirement for the Elderly": "Old age people are depleted of their true qi, their five internal organs are weakened, and they rely entirely on food to nourish their qi and blood." Cao Tingdong, a health-preserving family in the Qing Dynasty, believed that using porridge to treat the elderly can make them live longer. Eating porridge, regardless of the meal, can eat immediately when you are hungry, you can also be strong and enjoy a long life.” Therefore, more than 100 kinds of porridge recipes have been compiled to show people what to eat and drink.

In the traditional Chinese medicine diet regimen, there is rich experience in recuperating, whether it is cereals, meat, vegetables or fruits, there are soft foods, hard foods, beverages, dishes, snacks, etc., as long as they are properly prepared , not only has the effect of health preservation and fitness, but also Treatment effect can be received.

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