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The seven steps of karma removal

by Be Inspired - Be Motivated 2 months ago in success / self help / how to / healing / happiness / goals / advice
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The highest version of living out the soul

You already know that karma is the result of relationships . You've been through many relationships in the past, lingering in your heart as intentions to be perfected. This intention originates from you, and that relationship is just the context in which you set this intention to help you see the energy field in yourself that needs to be released, understood, balanced, or expanded. When you are in a state of consciousness with a lower frequency vibration, you cannot stand at a high place and conduct a multi-dimensional and multi-role holographic view; if you can stand in a higher position and examine the intentions that remain in your heart to be perfected, then, Every relationship created by characters like father, mother, friend, co-worker, boss, abuser, victim, etc., is actually a piece of your soul. You are your parents, children, and ancestors, and your soul experiences in such a holographic way, and all of these experiences and arrangements stem from your intention to perfect your life in the blueprint of your life.

Now that you are about to enter the multidimensional universe of the quantum world, you no longer need to use the three-dimensional linear time to pick a face and a character to experience, you can transcend your karmic proposition in the three-dimensional world and come to a state of complete understanding and knowledge. Right now, at this very moment, you can take an inventory of the extended karma proposition three hundred and sixty degrees at a time. Regardless of whether the relationship came from your current or previous life, karma can be released by taking an inventory of the relationship.

Now for a practical walkthrough of how to release karma.

♦ Step 1: Define the relationship

Get out a pen and paper, write your name, then draw a circle around your name and write down the relationships you have.

♦Step 2: People and things

Fill in the relationship with related or extended people and things.

♦ Step 3: Your Impression

Continue to draw the third circle, writing down your impression of the origin and extension of the relationship in the second circle.

♦Step 4: Negative Imprinting

Circle the relationships that give you negative feelings in the outermost circle with a certain color.

♦Step 5: Acknowledgment

Go back and write "I" in each circle you colored.

♦Step 6: Karma Emerges

Look around at the "me" in these circles, and you'll see that these are the karma in you, and everyone involved is just here to help you remember and untie the karma that you still carry.

Now practice making sentences to connect the negative feelings you have circled and write "What kind of person am I?" These are the karma in you, which you see all the way. Now go write this sentence, and let's face it with your karma.

(“I am a competitive, alienating, suspicious, victim-like, arrogant, depressed, authoritarian, cold-blooded, and frightening person.”

After reading this sentence, I was really dumbfounded. The other people I see in my eyes are actually the projection of my own karma. The feelings these people around me bring to me are to remind me to see the karmic shackles that I still carry. It turns out that these negative marks are not caused by others, everything comes from me! )

♦ Step 7: Self-exchange

After recognizing the self, the next step is the magical moment of releasing karma. The key to unlocking the shackles of power lies in the relationship that manifests in front of you. Facing the other person in this relationship, exchange places with him, and through self-exchange, understand why this person is doing this, and feel the true side of the other person hidden under the surface . Through this process, you gain a new understanding that you have never seen or thought of in the past, and at the moment of understanding, you dissolve the negative perceptions that you have projected on this relationship, and the karmic shackles on you are also lifted. .

The key to unlocking karma is your full understanding of all relationships in the present moment . You are not really a separate individual from yourself. When you understand that the connection and manifestation of all these relationships is to assist you in fulfilling your purpose in this life, you are one with all the people you are related to, and you will be grateful that these people created these stories. The plot, comes into your relationship, completes your life experience. At the same time, when you gain new understanding from their perspective, you will understand that the negative feelings they bring are blessings. It turns out that they are all angels with blessings, entering your life and letting you meet love again. Your parents, children, brothers and sisters, good relationships and bad relationships, are all here to help you. Would you like to embrace them again, thanking them for expanding your consciousness, allowing you to break free from karmic shackles and move toward the highest purpose and trajectory of your life blueprint?

In the self-exercise above, some people's relationship diagrams will show that they are deeply affected by collective karma, unable to stand purely in the other's shoes for immediate understanding and release, which are usually also racial and religious karma that humans have built up for a long time. force. To release collective karma, it is sometimes necessary to awaken the collective consciousness with the help of new leaders who will be manifested in due course.

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