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Easy to live life with happiness

Are you happy with your life blessed with it?

By Yash TrivediPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

My perspective on it!

I am happy with my life. I believe that life is an adventure to unfold the puzzle for reaching our destiny. It becomes amazing when we get exposed to hurdles set up in our path at every single step and overcome them which excites the journey. I believe that it's easier to stay happy in our life just to remember the two basic values which are Considered as a "learning experience" and "move on" in our life. Please keep your mind open and accept the resulting outcome as a learning experience and then move on as the river continues to flow and make a way for moving on. Please don't take things personally and never give an upper hand to anyone to spoil your happiness.

Suggesting a way to live life happily!

Please don't come around for searching happiness instead develop a "giving gesture".

Giving gesture: The giving gesture means making a habit of helping other people and not keeping any expectation for any return. I believe that what we give today will be reciprocated to me tomorrow with twice the amount. It's difficult to bring a smile to any person's face but put effort and you will do it.

Soft use of Words: Present thoughts in a gentle manner and never use a harsh tone instead convey your stand in a smart manner.

Participate & Celebrate Festival: I believe that I am solely responsible for driving happiness for myself and no object can generate it unless you opt from your inner soul. I have decided to celebrate each and every festival as it gives me happiness as I have started experiencing them. The celebration starts with kite flying then comes playing with colours which makes my life joyful in progress comes the festival of lights which enlightens my soul and it's time to say goodbye to the current year with Christmas Eve.

I am highlighting a way of experiencing happening through the festival as a medium but there are multiple mediums present around us and we just require to step into the situation and live to the fullest. I request you to share your way of experiencing your happiness.

The people born in the earlier centuries are renowned today and in the future also for their exceptional work and when we track their journey then the moral decision factor has played an important role that differentiated them from other people. The person used to create an identity by the decision taken which will gradually transform into a solid personality.

Achieving a goal can be easy but maintaining the achievement is a difficult task so there comes the important factor of considering moral values during the walk-through of the journey that is during the decision making phase. The shortcut path will make you achieve the goal in a shorter span of time but you will not be able to sustain the achievement for a longer time. You may not need to struggle for achieving your desire but you require to put more effort into sustaining it. The milestone achieved will be remembered once but maintaining and consistently progressing will make you remember for eternity.I would like to conclude that it depends on you whether you choose either of the path during the decision phase but you need to be ready to accept the consequences of the path chosen.

You need to have patience and give dedicated time when you choose the optimum path with moral values and you will enjoy the taste of the success which will remain with you forever. Choosing the shortcut path will make you experience the temporary shine of success but you will not be able to maintain it and lose it eventually.

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