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What is the point of begging people for things?

By Theresa EvansPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
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Don’t beg. Don’t chase. Don’t be needy. Relax. When you relax, it’ll come to you. (Quotes)

Don’t get caught up begging for someone or something to stay with you because it is a waste of time and energy. Begging is a form of insecurity, and it can come from childhood or adulthood traumas that have not yet been addressed and healed.

I have learned in my fifty years on this earth that you should never have to beg someone to treat you the way you want to be treated if you are not willing to give this kind of treatment to yourself first. It is unfair to you and the other individual that is around you. To give parts of myself to others correctly, I must first learn to love myself inside and out, no matter what. Once I started the process of self-love, I started noticing that I was underappreciating and valuing myself more than others. Then, of course, I would get stuck on this mental mindset of talking negatively about myself for no reason.

Before anyone could see my worth and value, I had to learn to speak power over myself. Some people will try their best to destroy your confidence and then think they have done something good when they know they did nothing to add to you. I know when someone is on my level or not, and trust me when I say that you are not on my level, I will dismiss you and keep it moving.

I do not waste my time and energy chasing people and things because what is meant for me will come to me automatically. As long as I continue to do my best for myself and my inner circle, that is all that matters. I used to believe that if I chased a person, that was what real love was like, but years later, I realized that I was totally wrong. If I have to chase you, you are not the one for me, and you need to be removed from my space by any means necessary. It will always be about me until you show that you can work with me, not against me.

I am not the kind of woman who is needy all the time. I get up every day and go out into this world trying to make a positive difference for others in small ways, so I do not need anyone to come up to me trying to put that needy energy on me when they know it is not part of who I am. If you are a needy fish, guess what I will do to the needy fish? I am going to throw them back in the ocean where they belong. You can get your water and oxygen somewhere else, but not here.

Relax. This one word is so powerful because it is the truth. When we all learn to relax more, the things we seek naturally come to us. Learning to quiet your mind for a little while is a big part of self-care, self-love, self-respect, and peace of mind. You do not need a lot of people in your mental head space because you will find yourself taking on someone else’s issues, which will make you question who you know you are already. I love being in love with myself first because anything anyone else has to say about what I do is not my business.

In closing, I am not begging anyone to stay around me if they don’t want to. I am not chasing things; people I know are not invested like me. I am not a needy fish, and I love relaxing more with me and me alone.

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Theresa Evans

I am a woman on fire for the love of life and being able to reach one life at a time through my words. If I can reach one then I can teach one the art of healing one's self from the inside out all mentaly

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