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With high blood pressure and diabetes, can I still eat snacks?

Doctors recommend these 3 kinds, eat in moderation beneficial to health

By Lhasa GermanyPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

Hypertension and diabetes are a pair of good brothers, often in many friends with related metabolic slow disease at the same time, with hypertension, and diabetes problems, there are many friends also because of the impact of hypertension diabetes, complications of cardiovascular disease friends, even if there is not yet an attack of cardiovascular disease, are often the case of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular high-risk, therefore, actively strengthen blood pressure blood sugar control, reduce the amount of Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease is what deserves special attention for friends with these problems. A friend asked: both high blood pressure and diabetes, the original love to eat snacks, now snacks can still eat? On this issue, we must not beat a dead horse, even if it is hypertension combined with diabetes, and at the same time cardiovascular disease problems of friends, of course, still eat snacks, as long as you understand the precautions, to do some choice, moderate snacks, but may be in addition to the main meal a supplement.

Hypertension combined with diabetes, snacking 2 considerations

The so-called "snacks", if the scope of consideration is broader, for some intake outside the regular meals, can be classified as snacks. For friends with hypertension combined with diabetes, in fact, in addition to regular meals, or recommended to eat a moderate amount of snacks, if you can control the intake of regular meals, do less food more meals, between meals, moderate intake of some snacks to supplement the body nutrition and energy, for diabetic patients, conducive to blood sugar control, but also to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia, but more beneficial to physical health.

However, for friends with high blood pressure combined with diabetes, there are also considerations for snacking. First of all, from the perspective of hypertension, in the process of eating snacks, we must pay attention to the content of "salt" in snacks, the salt mentioned here does not only refer to the edible salt we eat, all the ingredients containing "sodium", are salt, but excessive intake of sodium ions is also the cause of In addition to the sodium contained in salt (sodium chloride), some common additives in snacks, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. contain sodium, so when eating snacks, you may want to pay more attention to the sodium content indicated on the bag, if the sodium content is particularly high, you should pay attention to such snacks to eat as little as possible.

From the perspective of diabetes, snacking is paying attention to the sugar content of snacks and reducing excessive calorie intake. Many snacks have a strong sweet taste and the sugar content is also quite high, for such snacks, if diabetics want to keep their blood sugar stable and not spike, they should of course reduce their exposure, in addition, to paying attention to the minimum intake of sugar, but also pay attention to the number of snacks eaten, some snacks are rich in calories, if you eat a little in moderation, the body will have a calorie and nutritional supplement, but if you can not stop eating too much, it will lead to excess energy intake, resulting in the burden of blood sugar metabolism, which will also lead to the rise of blood sugar and difficult to control.

Therefore, how to choose the right snacks, the right snacks to eat, so that we eat snacks beneficial to health, for hypertensive diabetic patients is particularly important.

Hypertension combined with diabetes, these 3 types of snacks are recommended to eat in moderation

So what kind of snacks to choose in the end? Here to recommend the following 3 types of healthy snacks.


Fresh fruit is a very good healthy snack. For friends with high blood pressure combined with diabetes, it is recommended that the choice of fruit, you can choose low-sugar, high-potassium fresh fruit to eat, it is more beneficial to health.

The fruit is rich in dietary fiber and various water-soluble vitamins, in addition to being the main meal for the body's balanced nutritional supplement, is a very good beneficial supplement, reasonable for the body to supplement folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other vitamin nutrition, for the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, is also very beneficial.

The reason why we recommend low sugar and high potassium is that, on the one hand, from the perspective of controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients, fruits with low sugar are good for blood sugar control and will not affect blood sugar too much when eaten in moderation; on the other hand, increasing the intake of potassium in moderation can be beneficial to improve the increase in blood pressure caused by water and sodium retention, which also has a certain life conditioning effect on hypertension.

For this kind of fruit we recommend: guava, papaya, snowdrop, lemon, cherry, strawberry, apple, grapefruit, pear, citrus, etc. For friends with high blood pressure and diabetes, eat some of this fruit as a snack every day in moderation, it is beneficial to health.

2, miscellaneous snacks

The so-called miscellaneous snacks, as the name implies, refer to the snacks made from miscellaneous grains, grains. This type of snack is also particularly suitable for friends with high blood pressure combined with diabetes problems to eat a class of snacks.

The grains and cereals are rich in dietary fiber and B vitamins, which is a very good health food. In addition to the main meal, a moderate amount of food snacks, can improve satiety, reduce diabetes easy to appear hunger, and will also have a good effect on relief, therefore, whether for a balanced supplement to nutrition or for strengthening blood sugar control, snacks are good choices.

It should be noted that some snacks taste or increase flavor, and add a lot of sugar, such snacks are not suitable for diabetics to eat more, in the choice of snacks, if you can choose low-calorie, low-sugar, or sugar-free snacks best.

3, nuts snacks

Nuts snacks are also suitable for hypertension combined with diabetes friends to eat a class of snacks.

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are a class of nutrients beneficial to health, these unsaturated fatty acids, not only for the health of the body, will help improve blood viscosity, reduce blood resistance, for friends with elevated blood lipid problems, for reducing triglycerides, nuts snacks also have a certain role in helping. At the same time for diabetic patients, moderate snacking on nuts, but also beneficial to improve satiety, and reduce the intake of meals, helping to strengthen blood sugar control.

Eat nuts snacks also have 2 notes, one is not to eat too much, nuts usually contain high calories, eating too much will make the energy intake excess, easy to make blood sugar rise difficult to control the situation, as a rule, eat a small handful of about every day; the second point or to pay attention to the sodium and sugar content, try to choose low sodium and low sugar nut snacks to eat more appropriate.

In short, with high blood pressure, diabetes, is not the same as a snack insulated, under the premise of strict control of blood pressure and blood sugar, through a reasonable dietary arrangement, and the appropriate amount of healthy snacks to eat, but will become a reasonable nutritional supplement to the main meal, not only will not hurt blood pressure and blood sugar but also beneficial to health.

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