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The Unknown Eye

by Bobby Bushnell about a year ago in spirituality
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Where do knowledge and Ideas come from?

"The ones who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”-Albert Einstein

What is the unknown eye? It's a small cone-shaped gland that sits in the brain's center that produces melatonin. The melatonin then converts to serotonin, and serotonin then converts to small amounts of N, N-dimethyltryptamine or DMT. This cone-shaped gland has the same structure as your two external eyes. It has retina tissue and has the same wiring as your physical eyes do to your brain's visual cortex. It also releases little crystals of light and color that help one see the universe happening within them. The two external eyes see everything outside of you, while the hidden eye sees everything inside you.

This unknown eye releases DMT, which is also a chemical that is released when you die. When people have a near-death experience or an out-of-body experience, they see a higher realm far beyond the external world. When one says that they've died, gone to another realm, and came back.

Their body releases DMT, which helps them see another reality beyond their thinking. One doesn't have to die to go through higher dimensions. Through deep meditation, one can actuate their third eye to release small amounts of natural DMT, helping one experience little bits of paradise right here on earth. During a near-death experience or an out-of-body experience, people will come across a cord that links their spirit to their physical body. This cord allows one to travel anywhere in the universe. We are attached to this cord, which makes us return to our physical bodies once we leave it during a near-death experience or deep meditation.

The hidden eye is what actuates the light within the self. This light reveals higher intelligent beings and realms that bring one deep knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It's what shows a person their real purpose and meaning in this world.

Once this light is actuated, one is ready to live out their true and authentic self behind all the labels, false beliefs, and deception that the external world used to cover who they truly are and what they're destined to become. The light is what shows the self the way to achieving their divine mission. This light shines within every person that walks the earth.

The unknown eye is what brings the self higher intelligence that is not found in the external world. It helps one create what never was or seen by that of which is physical and already present. The eye within is what makes one leave behind all the external forces, beings, and pleasures because one realizes another world beyond the pleasures of this external world. A world that is unknown to the two external eyes that help one come in contact with the all knowing, all giving, and all loving force of the universe. One must trust their light and allow it to take them places that form their true character.

"No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” - Plato

The famous philosopher Plato compared society to prisoners living in a dark cave. He had Socrates explain that the cave had prisoners who were chained down, staring at a wall that had shadows of things happening outside the cave. The prisoners knew deep down that there was more to life than just the cave. They had the option to leave the cave at any time but resisted because they were unable to change the programmed behaviors engraved into them. The prisoners accepted the lie that the cave was all that there was.

The cave is where they were most comfortable because most of the society was in the cave with them, repeating the same behaviors, and accepting the lie that the cave was the ultimate reality of life. They were unwilling to embrace and explore the unknown, therefore, they never experienced real freedom or discovered the true light of their soul. The darkness of the cave is where life begins, and for most, it's where their life ends. Why was it so hard for the prisoners to escape the cave even though they were free to leave at any time?

We all have the reticular activating system in our brains, meaning that whatever is programmed into us, our minds will look for evidence in our external reality to confirm it. When we get to the point of simply following orders all the time, our reticular activating system becomes accustomed to this way of thinking and living, which makes it easy for us to be deceived, controlled, and manipulated.

This programming can become so strong that it becomes difficult to break out of what we've been taught and told. From ages 2-7, our brains are operating in a theta/delta-like state, known as a hypnagogic trance. In other words, we are in a hypnotized state. What we see and what we learn during these years is what forms the framework of our thought process and perception of the world as we move into adulthood. The ones who escaped the cave had to battle against this framework to attain the light that showed them more than just the cave.

“For a man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.- Mahatma Gandhi

The ones who remained prisoners in the cave most likely inherited all the passed down diseases/sickness. They were told that the disease or illness runs in their family, so they prepared for it and preparing for it manifests the sickness/disease in their reality. It worked as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many of the prisoners in the cave speak words such as, "I'm going to get Alzheimer's because it runs in my family."

This statement is coming from the cave that gets passed down from generation to generation. When the prisoner places the thought of getting Alzheimer’s in their subconscious mind and prepares as if it's going to happen, they bring the sickness on themselves. The conscious mind doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's fake. This response is why a person still gets frightened by a scary movie. They know deep down that it's fake, but their mind views it as being real. When the prisoner places in their mind that they're going to get Alzheimer's later in life, their subconscious mind sees this as the reality, altering their genes, lifestyle, and thinking; ultimately bringing about the disease.

Anytime the prisoner's memory slips up, the reticular activating system in their brain will confirm that Alzheimer's is upon them. The prisoner doesn't realize that they are what they think for we are shaped by our thoughts. What a person thinks is a byproduct of the cave, which is designed to control, manipulate, and influence them, ultimately creating a fake character and a prisoner that never comes to know who they truly are or what they’re capable of achieving.

The prisoners accepted everything they were told and inherited the same beliefs, same behavior, same thinking, and the same life as their elders and other prisoners. They never question anything that they have been taught. The prisoners never come to know their real self – the one that exists behind everything they've been taught and labeled with. More importantly, the teachings and labels of the cave cover up their real talents and gifts that get buried in darkness.

The cave is full of businesses never started, books never written, musical bands never formed, and gifts that get transmuted into a fake talent to fit the framework of the cave. The ones who were brave enough to go against the ancient thinking of their elders and other prisoners were the ones who attained liberation and became their authentic selves. They left the darkness of the cave, broke out of their family curse, and experienced the light of true freedom.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."-Albert Einstein

Imagination is what opens our eyes to the unknown. Knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. As humans, whatever we see within ourselves has the potential to manifest in our external reality.

One must never allow external knowledge to deceive our creativity because everything one sees in the outer world was once imagined. Alexander Graham Bell imagined the telephone; the Wright brothers imagined the airplane, and Karl Benz imagined the car. Everything that one sees in the world was once a thought that transformed into an idea which then manifested itself into creation. All these highly known people were labeled by society for trusting the spirit over the flesh. The flesh turns one away from their imagination while the spirit makes the vision come to life.

Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions. It comes from the divine, and it's our mission to bring that imagination into the external world for it's a show of our future and the life we are meant to live. The vision and life we see from our imagination is the gift and journey that brings out our highest nature. If we follow what the external world tells us, we are going against our spirit and what we were truly put on this earth to do. Many people are deceived into following external commandments given to them by the flesh, but our true commandments come from within. For it’s our spirit and the unknown eye that makes the invisible possible.

"At the center of your being, you have the answer, you know who you are, and you know what you want."-Lao Tzu

We all have our own unique stories and characteristics that make up who we are and what we're set out to become. Rather than finding and creating our own story, society likes to create the story for us and change our talent to fit the current system. We were all born with a specific skill that is not only to be shared to make the world a better place, but to give us energy, joy, and meaning. Our particular talent is what forms our purpose on this earth. One’s purpose can only be fulfilled if they follow and trust their ability that truly gives them meaning. Not the talent that society tells them will provide them with meaning, but the talent that was spoken to them by their consciousness and shown to them by the eye from within.

“The nearest way to glory is to strive to be what you wish to be, thought to be” -Socrates

Whatever one envisioned their life as a kid, teen, or young adult was not a dream, but a preview of what their future entails. The universe gives the self a sneak peek of what their true life will look like if they wholeheartedly believe and follow the vision given to them. Society, and even friends and relatives, are programmed to shut that vision down at all costs and tell the person to start thinking reality. The fact of the matter is that the vision wasn’t given to them, so they won’t understand it. They may understand, to a certain extent, and because they only understand it to a certain extent, they will tell a person it's not worth it.

As a child, we’re told by our parents that we can be anything that we want to be, however as we grow older, we're told to start thinking reality. We must not allow reality to stop us from achieving what we envisioned growing up. Everyone literally has 11 billion miles of information in their genes that extends from earth all the way to the highest dimension of the universe known as Jacob's ladder. The ladder symbolizes the DNA spiral and all the information that the self has access to. Our genes contain all the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the universe. The inner eye is what gives a person access to this information, therefore, we should never take the statement, “you can be anything you want to be,” for granted.

When a person follows their true passion, myelin is released in the brain. When myelin is released daily, other parts of the brain become stronger. Parts that deal with learning, comprehension, and perception. So, what originally was boring and hard to learn now becomes easier to absorb, remember, and use in one's waking life.

We must trust what we've been shown from within and have faith in our real talent, not the talent that society tries to make for us. Society will base the self’s expertise and career on a person's grades and personality, then tell a person what category they fit in best. Then, they will give the self steps for acquiring those skills so that a person maintains Plato’s cave and gets run-down for the rest of their life.

When a person speaks on what they genuinely want to do, society is programmed to tell the self that it won't make the person any money or good living. If the self is told these words about their vision by their surroundings, then that is the talent and purpose for the person's life. Talent originates from the word talentum, and talentum means, "sums of money." If one listens and trusts what the universe has put in their heart, regardless of whatever talent it is, they will make a lot of money. The amount of money that one makes is a byproduct of how strong their ability is and what it becomes.

In society, it's reversed. We're taught to follow, "sums of money," which kills our talent and makes us miserable. Alan Watts once said, “What would you do if money was no object," meaning if money didn't exist, what would you be doing, playing, or researching. What is the one thing that brings you energy, excitement, and joy? I'm not talking about pleasures like sex, alcohol, and weekend parties that numb people from the life they’re living; I'm talking about the one thing you do or think about when you're alone. What is that one thing you imagined yourself doing and becoming before your friends, elders, or society tried influencing you?

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny." - Lao Tzu

The brain doesn't know the difference between what happened in the past and what someone is trying to create in their future. If one visualizes whatever they want to achieve and reassures themselves every day that they already have it, the mind will perceive the vision as truth. The brain's reticular activating system will begin to search out and find more external reality opportunities to make the vision come to life. For that vision to come to life, one must first create it and grow it internally if they want to manifest it externally. Think of when a loved one passes away. One’s mind is solely focused on that person to where they begin to see everything about that person in their external reality. They see their favorite color, foods, activities, and even certain creatures like birds or butterflies that the person loved. Their external reality is filled with everything that reminds them of their loved one due to their mind being solely focused on that person.

The reticular activating system in their brain begins to manifest all the things in their external reality that reminds them of their loved one. This response is no different for when one focuses on the vision within themselves. The person will begin to see more stuff in their outer reality related to their true purpose and it will continue to grow. The more the person programs their reticular activating system during meditation and visualization, the more their mind will find the answers and resources in their external reality to manifest the vision.

All the prisoners in Plato’s cave knew there was more to life than just the cave. Still, their reticular activating system only saw what was programmed into them, preventing them from seeing and experiencing another world outside the cave. Environments influence how we feel, talk, and behave. The ones who escaped no longer allow their surroundings to influence them, they let their thinking control their environments.

The ones who left the cave understand that emotions turn on and turn off genes. As humans, we naturally attach different emotions to particular environments and specific people. When a person is about to enter an office to talk with their boss whom they can't stand, certain feelings and emotions arise before entering the environment.

When these stressful feelings and emotions are activated, they turn on bad genes that can eventually lead to sickness and disease. They're shutting off bad genes when entering into an environment with upbeat, open-minded, and uplifting people. The cells and genes in our body that determine our health respond to the chemicals released in our brain. When a person feels a sense of happiness, gratitude, and love, their DHEA levels in their body increase 100% in nearly 3 minutes. DHEA is the anti-aging hormone that gives a person energy, vitality, and life. When a person feels overly stressed, angry, and resentful, their DHEA levels decrease by 23%, making them more prone to disease.

Specific genes are turned on and turned off all the time. When an athlete takes the field, they're actuated. When a person visits a friend, they're actuated. It even occurs when a person enters a warm or cold climate. More importantly, genes are turned on and turned off by certain words. A study was conducted for 30 days to test how words affect genes. A person spoke positive words to a jar that was filled with white rice and negative words to the other jar of white rice. After 30 days, the white rice turned black in the jar that received negative words while the other jar that received positive words remained white. This response applies to a person who was born into a family hearing words of faith, love, and positivity versus a person who has been raised hearing words of hate, ridicule, and criticism.

Furthermore, many people in society don't follow their vision because they look at the full picture. They're looking at everything that could go wrong and all the obstacles that prevent it from happening. They place in their mind that they don't have the resources, money, connections, or tools to make their vision manifest externally. Thus, they take the route based on their current situation. They listen to what society has engraved into their minds instead of seeking the eye from within to accomplish their mission.

"The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” -Plato

The real enemy of life is fear; we think it is hate, but it is fear. Our minds protect us from doing uncomfortable things. It's our worries that prevent us from pursing our true purpose. The world around us is designed to keep the self worried and afraid. We all have in our brains what is called the amygdala. This part of our brain deals with our fight or flight response to fear and worry. The external world tries to keep this part of the brain actuated all the time. When the amygdala is overactive, the prefrontal cortex of the brain that deals with decision making, problem-solving, and personality development starts to weaken, and one loses the ability to think logically, creatively, and intelligently.

This response leads a person to become dependent on the cave leaders and the forces that are over actuating the amygdala. When this part of the brain is overactive, the vision given to the self by the universe starts to fade, making one put on a fake costume to continue working and maintaining the societal game. If one trusts the universe and keeps moving towards the light outside the cave, they will see and come to know more of what the divine has in store for them.

"For our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” -William Shakespeare

Many have this fear engraved into them, which covers up their real self behind the costume given to them in the cave. This fear makes them doubt their true self making them work the one game that’s already known instead of their real divine purpose.

If one works toward their vision and what they truly want in this life, the resources they need will deliver themselves to them on their own. If they put their trust in what the eye from within has shown them, Mother Nature will bring them the tools and connections to help them climb towards their divine destiny.

All it takes is the first step and perfecting that first step. Once one has perfected the first step, Mother Nature will provide them with enough resources and connections to get them to the next level.

This is how the universe builds up a person's faith so that when the world tries to stop them, their faith overpowers the globe. The all knowing force of the highest dimension has to know that one is fully committed to the spirit and not the flesh.

Giving oneself entirely to the spirit is when one lets go of everything they fear loosing to achieve their divine mission laid out for them from within. We must be willing to embrace pain, setbacks, and the unknown. The universe would have never placed the vision within the self if a person weren't capable of making it. One has to fail, but realize that failure is not a destination. It's the steps one must go through to achieve their divine mission. The unknown eye is what gives the spirit knowledge, strength, and courage to fulfill their highest self and achieve what many think is impossible.

If one chooses what they want to become and asks the all knowing force of the universe for the qualities and resources that will help create that specific person they want to be, their path will be laid out. The bigger one wants to become, the more situations and events the universe will bring them through to attain the qualities to become that person.

The universe will bring them through specific experiences to attain the knowledge, wisdom, and qualities that carve out that particular character that a person is striving for. If they fully trust the divine in what they want to become and understand how the universe and Mother Nature operates, they will then allow all the situations, events, and circumstances, both positive and negative, to come and go to develop the character they asked to become.

This may mean that they have to go through a certain number of betrayals, sickness, break-ups, accidents, loss, hurt, and so on. These are the events of the story and the journey that's creating them. The hill that one has to climb to get to that life and person they want to become is put in front of them. The more that they want to attain or the high influence they want in the world, the more they have to learn, go through, and more importantly, face.

Lastly, many people take the statement, "live every day like it's your last," out of context in which they'd spend all their money, give away all their possessions, and take unnecessary risks. The meaning of this phrase is that if today was your last day, would you still be doing what you're doing today.

Would you be working the job you're working now? Would you be around the same people that you see every day? More importantly, would you be happy and fulfilled? If one is debating about any of these questions, they're most likely working instead of playing and climbing. What I mean by this is that people in the cave of society wake-up every morning, working to make money, hoping things will get better in a future that never arrives. They live for weekends instead of experiencing their true life 5 days out of the week and using the last two days to rest and rejuvenate.

“The human face is, after all, nothing more nor less than a mask” - William Shakespeare

As Shakespeare explains, society is nothing, but a large act in which people put a mask on and perform on stage. The mask is their fake self that's covering up their real person, talents, and purpose for living. They look forward to Fridays because they don't have to face themselves for two days. They work and act out a required behavior five days a week to have freedom two days a week. During their two days of freedom, they will go out, dress as they own Rome, and talk about how successful and fulfilling their life is when most go back to living the life of survival on Monday.

To feel confident about themselves, they will compare themselves to those who earn less money or are of a lesser authority in their work environment. This idea helps give them the belief that they're winning in a societal game that never ends unless they withdraw to pursue the games that the world never told them about.

To hide from their insecurities, they will continue with their weekend parties at the clubs wearing expensive clothing and jewelry to manipulate people into thinking they've made it. Most likely, when asked about how their life is going, you'll hear the response, "living the dream." This statement is true; they are blind and asleep, living in a dream they think is reality. This game makes one follow the same boring routine of every day living as a robot. It's a game that always keeps one stressed, run-down, and playing to fulfill short term desires. Short term desires are the branches of the societal game, such as jewelry, technical devices, fancy cars, houses, and other worldly possessions. All of which, people think bring happiness, but really, all it does is just feed their mask and costume that’s covering up their real self and purpose for living.

The people in this game will always want more and will be on a never-ending continued path of seeking endless stimuli. A stimulus, short-lived and can only satisfy a person for a brief period. They will always keep coming back, desiring more money, attention, and worldly possessions. All of this is an illusion disguised as joy, but in all actuality, it's just a brief period of pleasure that fades and keeps one returning for more. Continuing to live for these short bursts of stimuli keeps one striving for what never comes, and their life ends up becoming completely meaningless. Many search for themselves in this game and are deceived into thinking that they'll find purpose and meaning by continuing to move up in their company or acquire more money for more short term desires. This programmed thinking just leaves one feeling empty and confused.

“The secret of happiness you see is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” -Socrates

Close to half the world lives on less than $2.50 a day, and many of these people are happier than most Americans. Many in the cave believe that freedom, happiness, and fulfillment come from attaining and having more when more simply keeps them a prisoner.

Their minds will always tell them to add to their mask and costume to act out more characters. The egoistic self will always tell them to keep more just in case and always look to add more to have more options. They think they're empowered with more, but it's a deception that steals their power, freedom, and energy. When the prisoner continues acquiring more, anytime something is taken or if they feel they can't afford to buy more to look at more or have more options, it brings fear, anxiety, and emptiness. They are on this never-ending draining journey of getting and acquiring more. Anything less than more destroys them and keeps them coming back to fulfill short-term pleasures and desires instead of long term happiness and fulfillment that brings one freedom.

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, who is weak” - Lucius Seneca

Playing the other games and climbing rather than working the societal game and remaining stagnant is waking up daily, energetic, joyful, and ambitious to learn more about the talent and gift you possess so you could eventually become a master at your gift. So, climb the hill and don't let go of your vision to join the ones working the societal game that envy, criticize, and condemn the ones who pursued the games viewed by the unknown eye from within. Master your art and master the climb that leads to the highest nature of the self.

“Knowing that you’re going to die is the best way to protect yourself from thinking you have something to lose. There’s no reason not to follow what you truly believe in.” -Steve Jobs


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Bobby Bushnell

My name is Bobby Bushnell. I'm the CEO and owner of Inner Eye Fitness LLC. I'm also the author of, "Inner Eye 3-6-9," and the founder of the, "Inner Heroes For Humanity," Foundation.

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