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The True Face of Temptation

It’s not about the denial of pleasure — despite what you’ve heard

By Aaron Waddell - The Everyday MysticPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The True Face of Temptation
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I tell people that I am constantly made aware of my imperfections, and my failings as a human being.

And this week was no exception.

I had two things (maybe three depending on how you count them) happen in my life that illustrated this perfectly. Two things that had the power to ruin my day, if I chose to see them differently.

So, on this beautiful morning, I wanted to share them with you, in the hopes that it gives you inspiration to get through your personal struggles and see the light on the other side.

The light that is shining now and forevermore, and will guide you to happiness — if only you choose to see its unparalleled beauty.

A Poor Choice in Apparel

I work in a remote position for a large manufacturing company. On Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to tour two of our plants. To see their processes, and the systems they use, and talk with the people working there to see if we could make their lives/work better.

Sitting in a classroom, we listened to our guide tell our group about what we would see on the tour. He said something about appropriate footwear, and everyone looked at me.

To my horror, I realized why. I was wearing Crocs!

Closed-toed ones that look like shoes from the front, but Crocs nonetheless.

Considering my options, I contemplated what to do next. Going home to get shoes seemed out of the question as it is a 45-minute drive. I could go home and work. Or I could go to Walmart and pick up a pair of shoes — which is what I ended up doing.

I joined back up with my group a half hour or so later and finished the tours (albeit a bit less comfortable after squeezing my size 14 feet into the size 13 shoes which were the largest I could find!) — enduring some good-natured ribbing in the process!

Not Again!

The second blunder was on Thursday.

I had an appointment with my accountant for everyone’s favorite activity — Taxes!

I had been there the previous week planning to get them completed when we discovered that I was missing a critical document.

I have had an LLC for several years, but last year I had drawn payroll for the first time. My Accountant was mystified as to why I did so, and I told her:

“Oh It could be because I classified as an S-corp”

“Do you have the paperwork for that? “

“Um-Let me check”

Sifting through the paperwork I had brought, I soon realized I didn’t have it.

“It’s okay. But we’ll need to reschedule. You can bring it then.”

Another Appointment! Fantastic. As if I didn’t have enough going on already.

So yesterday was my second appointment. I gathered all my stuff in a pile, leaving early so that I would arrive with 10 -15 minutes to spare. I enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful day as I made the short 20-minute drive to the office.

When I arrived, I went to grab my stuff from the passenger seat. and realized I had made a huge mistake…

I stared in complete disbelief — realizing that the folder with all my business documents was not there!

I had left it on the stairs, neglecting to pick it up with my other stuff when I left. I had no choice but to return home and retrieve it, along the way calling and apologizing for being late.

Then, after I got back I showed her the document. She looked at it and said:

“Okay, this shows that you are a Corporation. But it doesn’t say what kind — S or C. Do you have the ( some other form number) that shows your election?”


Disparaging thoughts filled my head — “Do we have to go through this again? Will I have to request it? How could I be so stupid?”

Luckily, she was able to work through it another way and she will be able to get my taxes done in the next few days. However, I will have to make one more trip there to sign for them and pick up my copy.

True Temptation

Many people look at the idea of temptation and think about things that bring pleasure. They think about how they have to deprive themselves of something that seems good to the senses to avoid temptation.

But that is not what temptation is.

The true temptation is to see with our eyes. To see the world, and the things of it, as real. To look at the world without His light.

Both these incidents could have ruined my day. But they did not. They did not because I know the truth.

I know that holding grievances against these things would only be an attack on God’s Plan. They would only prevent me from experiencing the Joy that I am entitled to as a Son of God.

Incidents like this are not curses, but gifts. They are gifts because they give us the opportunity to make a choice.

A choice between reality and illusion. Between Light and darkness.

Between attack and acceptance. Between Joy and grievances.

A choice between fear and Love.

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