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The future of medicine.

like food, the greatest medicines hardly change with time.

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished about a year ago 5 min read

The future of medicine.

Living in the years post covid the questioning of modern medicine has become more prevalent than ever. It is only natural for individuals to consider what is the best form of medicine in the advent of a global emergency. However, modern or rather western medicine has been under scrutiny almost since its genesis. Capitalist motivation, pared with the voluntary ignorance of the medical industry has set the field back significantly.

There is no lack of information to affirm the purposely ignored claims of the potent and supportive capability of herbal medicines. Herbal medicine has a significantly longer use than its modern equivalent, outdating it by at least several thousand years. Making pharmacology the great grandbaby of the Alphalfa and Chamomile. Because of this fact herbal medicine is far less likely to cause illness or bodily irritation. Our genetic code having evolved alongside these plant phytochemicals, they are intrinsically healing to each organ system.

Not only this, but modern medicines tend to not only miss the mark but can cause lifelong disorders. Even with this in mind, the Doctor, dressed in white, has been given the indisputable power to practice on his devotees. Earning a high salary selling drugs, and providing surgeries that are likely unneeded but will surlily cause lifetime complications. Don’t believe me, any amount of research will support these bold and critical statements.

It is commonly said that great herbalists usually are fantastic chefs, this is due to the similarities found in the two fields. Likewise, it can be said that like food, the greatest medicines hardly change with time. This is because biological evolution is much slower than human mechanical progress. Which at the moment is determining the pace of evolution in medicines and food.

All the while the subject matter that is being acted upon, the human being has hardly changed if at all in 2000 years. This explains why humankind finds ourselves living in a world that fails to grant us our basic needs. Step by step we are creating a world that does not cater to the human being, but rather to their fantastic mechanical ideals.

One of the most important aspects of the future of medicine is understanding the power of a story. Both a doctor and a Shaman are storytellers in their own right. Each uses the power of a story to directly affect the health of an individual. A Shaman may tell an induvial that they are protected by a loved one, or being followed by a malevolent shadow. while the doctor likewise may tell a patient that there is nothing significant wrong with them although they currently experience chronic discomfort, or give a patient a death sentence of 12 weeks just for them to defy it by decades.

The medicinal power of the spoken word is a true recorded phenomenon. Belief in the form of placebo and nocebo are subtle factors in day-to-day life deeply respected by empirical science. Therefore, the thought is a fundamental form of medicine, one that echoes deeply through the subconscious and into the muted recesses of the body. The future of medicine then is diverse in any given practitioner’s beliefs, approach, and structure.

A combination of approaches, and blending of information is vital for the best results. Especially as viruses adapt to an environment already experiencing scarcity paired with the rising price of medications. A healthy lifestyle, involving dietary considerations, as well as consistent exercise, meditation, along with considered herbs, is the best form of medicine in the time to come.

After all, do you have the money to afford a new heart or knee? the theoretical medicines of the conceptual future are but a thought exercise for the rich. The poor man's medicine has always been, and will always be from the earth.

The future of medicine, therefore, is embodied by the practitioner who is well-studied. possessing both a modern understanding of medicine derived from technological advancement and a remembrance of the ancient spirit of ancestral healing.

Practicing the integration of the two worlds, that ultimately, we live within every day. This Healer should also spend time not only in books but also in the community, with the land, and with the people. These are vital energies to cultivate the healer's power.

Ideally, the practitioner of the future is an artist. Comfort moving in and out of creative flow, states will allow them to embody the full power of this divine archetype. The intuitive tools within the creative mind can not be overstated. Thinking creatively shifts the psyche from Beta to Alpha waves, shifting our subtle perception of reality.

The medicine of the future ultimately will be practiced by those who truly love the work of providing healthcare authentically. Like art, spirituality, and likewise medicine is poisoned by capitalism, as the healer traditional is someone invested deeply in this craft. Lifetime service without much pay is usual for this archetype. Knowledge of medicine and the ability to pursue ideological immortality is worth the potential monetary restrictions.

Ultimately there is no one way a practitioner must appear, or the methods they will use. Still, I suggest a combined approach of Energetic, Herbal, and Somatic medicines with a modern and ancient understanding of the human organism.

A healer also must be above all capable of weaving together a story, as a story is the most powerful medicine there is. Our ability to create meaning, and alchemize emotional trauma into valuable experience is one of the most helpful there is.

Holistic and Alternative medicine will only become more important as time progresses. As a nation and perhaps a world we are currently in a mental and physical health crisis. We must resurrect the old medicines, and practices if we are to maintain sane in a world hardly inhabitable for the organic human genome.

Don’t take my word for it, ask your soul what you need, or if this is correct. I have no doubt we all have intrinsic healing knowledge. Maybe tacit and subtle still if you ask you surely will be healed.

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