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Staying Fit At Any Age

by Kevin Gardner 3 months ago in aging

Don't let age hold you back from fitness

Staying Fit At Any Age

Many people of all ages can have a hard time becoming fit, and then maintaining their fitness. However, it goes without saying, fitness can be achieved at any age. It is never really too soon or too late to put your body's physical health first. Although it may seem a bit difficult the longer you leave off of exercising, there are other light forms of exercise that still engage your heart, and work up a sweat. Below are just a few simple ways to obtain health at any age so that your physical condition can peak and function at its optimum level of performance.

Dance Cardio

Music is something that people of all ages seem to enjoy. Whether you are 7 or 70, hearing one your favorite songs is a sure way to get you up and moving. Dancing is a great form of exercise, because it doesn't even feel like exercise. You will be so immersed in your song or playlist that time will fly by without you even noticing. There are specific classes such as Zumba that are meant for a long duration of instructed dancing. You can find Zumba classes at your local gym, Zumba DVDs, or Zumba videos online to follow. If you want a change in setting, why not take a dance class, and learn something you always wanted to learn? Maybe go ballroom dancing, learn to salsa, take a contemporary dance course, or ballet.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is aerobic exercise done in fairly shallow water. This is usually done in a swimming pool with the body immersed up to the waist or mid shoulders. Water aerobics allows you to get a good workout in without causing strain to your joints. This is especially handy if you want to prevent joint pains and minor fractures. Because you are in the water, your muscles will be getting cooled down, which will lessen chances for dehydration. Another added benefit to doing water aerobics is the ability to tone your muscles. By being submerged in the water, your muscles will have to work extra hard to execute the exercises, which will result in more toned and defined muscles. Muscle strength, core strength, and weight loss are just some effects of water aerobic exercises.


There are no magic pills that will transform your fitness. However, there are supplements that can aid you in your progress. There are many health products that help restore much needed energy, promote weight loss, help reconstruct muscles, etc. For example, you can check out Thrive reviews, look for post workout protein shakes, vitamins that help promote joint health, and much more. Of course, this is not a replacement for working out. It is an addition to help you on the road to achieving a fit body.

Tone It Up

As we get older, our muscle mass naturally diminishes. This process is actually called sarcopenia, and it happens to all of us. Unfortunately, this decrease in muscles puts us at more risk for fractures and falls due to the greater weakness and reduction of mobility present. Hence, it is imperative to nourish, tone, and even build muscles as we age to ensure that we maintain a healthy level of mobility and range of motion. Toning muscle can be done using one's own body weight, or using light dumbbells around five to fifteen pounds. Resistance bands are also very effective in toning the body. Exercises such as sit ups, push ups, planks, or calisthenics much like squats will engage the main muscle groups of the body.

Constant Activity

Aim to be active as much as possible. This does not have to be organized exercises, or a planned workout routine. Simply get moving. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. You will burn more calories, and your leg muscles will get much stronger. Instead of parking right next to your location, you can try parking a few blocks away, or find a parking spot that is a bit of a distance away from wherever you are going. These small changes will create healthy new habits in your life, and prove to be very effective in the long run as you find that you have much more stamina and endurance.

It doesn't have to be complicated when it comes to becoming fit or maintaining a good level of fitness. What matters is that you keep moving so that your body will continue to thank you and work for you at its peak level of performance.

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