Kevin Gardner

Best Movies for Animal Lovers in 2019
a day ago
Whether it’s a movie about dogs, an emotional story about a horse, or a documentary that details life in the wild, there is something beautiful and truly magical about this year’s animal movies. In ju...
Tips for Keeping Your Patent Information Safe
4 days ago
For most inventors, the decision of whether they should get a patent for one of their ideas is an easy one. Most are very excited when they come up with a new or improved-upon idea they want to share ...
Is the Peace Corps Right for You?
7 days ago
Maybe you’re fresh out of school and are looking for an adventure before settling into a career. Maybe you already have a career, and are looking for a break. When you’re looking for something excitin...
Things to Consider Before Getting a New Puppy
8 days ago
Getting a new puppy can be really exciting, but a little bit like adopting a baby. The adorable balls of fur eat, sleep, and pee and poop like a baby—but the difference is that puppies usually don’t g...
Blockchain Technology and the Hiring Process
9 days ago
Blockchain is a technology that is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. While not all of us are using cryptocurrency, there are a fair number of individuals who are adopting this a...
Tips for a Smooth Transition to Your New Job
9 days ago
At last—you can breathe. The interviews are finally over, and you have been offered the position that you have labored for. In this moment of elation, you begin to cycle through a myriad of thoughts t...