What You Need to Know About Databases

The Importance of Databases

What You Need to Know About Databases

If you own a company, you probably have a database of some sort, especially if you do anything online. You may not know what your database is, or maybe you just do not know how it works and how data is extracted from it. This is okay, but you do need to be aware that it contains extremely sensitive information about your customers.

Below are several points that are essential to understanding databases, and how you can keep them secure:

They Are Important

The sensitive information that was mentioned above includes information such as credit card information, social security, date of birth, and address. This information usually comes from forms that your customers and clients fill out during business transactions.

You have probably read online or heard on the news about data breaches that happen. This happens when a database is hacked, and information from the database is used. People lose trust in that company or institution when their data is compromised. Keeping your database safe builds trust with your customers, while also building a solid reputation for your company.

Keep it Secure

As you build up your database, you will need to have a game plan for how to protect it. There are best practices that are followed, which are a great starting place for anyone that is new to database security.

This can be helpful if you are doing the security yourself, or if you are looking for a new hire to take care of your database. You may even want to take the route of having a senior employee take over the care of the database since it contains valuable information.

Technology is Changing

The old ways of protecting your database will not cut it in today’s fast-paced, changing world of technology. The strategies that worked five years ago are going to fail in comparison to other practices that are regular practices. If you are not going to keep up with what is happening in the technology world, it may be time to brush up and start doing some research.

To keep up with the pace of technology that is changing, there are new systems and software that can help you protect your database. Take the Oracle CDC for instance: It uses a new way of implementing databases for a more secure experience with sensitive information.

Employee Access

Your database should not be available to everyone. This even includes employees who work with your code or backend everyday. Database information is usually available to people who manage the company, or manage the database.

Keep in mind that this information should not be easy to access, even to those that have full access to the information. It should not be too hard though, because you still need to get work done quickly. You will want your employees to have access to certain information, so you or someone you trust will need to manipulate the data, so your company can run smoothly while getting work done.

Keep Learning

If you are new to the software community or are a seasoned veteran, you know that the field is always changing, which means you have to always be learning and adapting. Hackers are going to find new ways to get information from companies. Luckily there are cyber security people who are developing new ways to protect databases.

With the progress of new security methods and implementing them you can know that your customer’s information is safe. This allows you to focus on building your business without having to spend too much time and energy on your database. Hiring a cyber security employee is also a helpful option if your company has grown large enough to support that position.

Keeping your database safe is going to be an ongoing project, that is well worth your time and effort. What are some things that you have done for your business to keep your database safe and secure? Comment below to start the conversation.

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