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Slowdown O' Spirit of Mine.

Self-Reflections: Part 1

By Wendoly velazquezPublished 9 days ago 3 min read
Slowdown O' Spirit of Mine.
Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

The turmoil in our hearts of “go, go and most of all go” stemming from our daily lives that includes ourselves and many more. How everywhere we go everyone is dependent on us and work has no option but to be done exceeding its full potential. Draining tends to become an understatement and seeing others handle it with grace can “tick us off” unintentionally. “It’s not fair!” crosses our minds more often than we would like. The daily call of our lives differs from one another but one thing I can almost guess is similar would be the lack of acknowledgement we crave. How can we watch someone prepare everyone’s day, assure a timely schedule despite obstacles, feed the home, and clean up everything in the process. How much we know it is our responsibility but some love, “great job!”, “need any help?”, “thank you!” in return couldn’t hurt, could it?

O how many nights my soul has forgone the blessing to thank The Almighty one for such delicacies He implements without my second thought. Could this be a childhood root where my “more” was required to reach satisfaction. Where maybe if I did it enough times for my loved ones someone would appreciate my love, see it for its truth and return it. Having to uproot and unlearn can seem like all odds are against us but truly the other side is true love with Jesus where a less is the recipe for His more. Where we begin to see the ingredients in our daily lives that bake the joy and fruitfulness we can't alone.

To hear the holiest of melodies and feel a fire ablaze from the mouth of The Son of God sounds surely captivating. How could we possibly be so distracted by tradition that we miss the main opportunity to sit at the voice that speaks breath and life. (I’m guilty). To have been lost in what can "I do for you," instead of "how I can learn about you," so I no longer ask but create discernment, instinct. Something only intentional intimacy can reveal to the soul, water the spirit and craft His ways. How can I slow down in my perfectionism to be unraveled and accept a more promising way? To put the important priorities over the urgent priorities: to propose the heavenly duties before the earthly ones.

Praying for God to transform my heart to His heart where I can find the balance and strength through Him. Not to become someone out of comparison of how I see it work for others but out of maturity of why I haven’t been letting it work for me. Could I be in my own way? Do I truly understand it’s not what I can do but what He already did that bows the gift of grace waiting to be received by an open heart. The rest that closes my eyes and opens my ears, my heart, my spirit to the Holy spirit that comes from the one that asks to bear the load. We were taught that we are here to love God instead of we are here to be LOVED BY GOD. The love we strive for has already been here but at some point, we are taught we have to earn it back. Truly this is the good root of all sincere, steadfast love. May we decrease and He increase. Accepting Jesus for who He is and not for what I can add because He is already before me, for me.

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30


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  • Karen Carrera8 days ago

    Very intricately and poetically written! I could hear your voice through the words and so relatable being a Christian who like you can be rushed by the day to day and miss God in every moment but continuously striving to look for him when He’s never left us. Looking forward to the next read!

  • Peasy Muhammad 8 days ago

    The beginning of a new journey 👏🏾. I love how you are sharing your perspective on the early stages of the journey. The realization of being lost in the world because you watching others, the guilt on wanting love from everyone else instead of the most high & giving thanks for the things we don’t prioritize, then the acceptance that you can only make things right by giving glory to the God and being a vessel the spirit can speak through🤲🏾. Beautiful and constructive writing✍🏾 waiting to read more 🌹I’m ready to see how great things become for you on this journey with God

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