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Simple Ideas That Shatter Your Dream

Your negative thoughts

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Simple Ideas That Shatter Your Dream
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Most people may think that staying positive all the time is impossible, this is not realistic, and although it is possible, it does not mean that all life is joy and happiness, but you can at least regain some control over your thoughts by paying attention to how you think, what you say, how you behave, everything starts with your thoughts, from your beliefs to your words, actions, habits, values and ultimately your destiny. Here are some of the worst ideas:

1. My heart has been broken so many times so I will never love again:

Maybe your heart has broken, but it means that you have not been in a relationship with the right person, and by learning how emotionally honest you should be with someone, you learn more about yourself and exactly what you deserve, which is much more than you think, so do not allow anyone to devalue you, but do not give up love.

When you believe that you are a wonderful person, no one will be able to break your heart; you will automatically realize when it’s time to break up with someone, and from these friends, family, and people you love.

2. I’m not good enough:

What you’re saying here is, “I’m not going to bother wasting my time to be good enough,” it may sound a little harsh, but if you think about it again, no one is good enough to put in the time and effort to be good enough, and that applies to everything in your life, whether you want to write a book, become an actor, start a business, or raise a child.

You are good enough to be exactly where you are now, and if you want to move up in one area of life, keep working on it, and when you reach the top, you will find that there is always a way to become a better person; so make sure that you are good enough, and replace the previous phrase with a better encouragement phrase like: “I’m getting better at:

  • I’m getting better at writing.
  • I’m getting better at loving myself.
  • I’m getting better at loving others.
  • I’m getting better at my role as a mom or dad.
  • I’m getting better at my job.

3. I don’t have enough time:

What she says is the following: “it’s not that important for me to give him my time”.

You may be failing to send birthday cards on time, and you always give the same excuse that you are too busy with other things until you have forgotten, and this is nonsense, you have listed all the people’s birthdays on the calendar in your kitchen, but you keep postponing sending cards until the last moment, so what you are telling the person is that his birthday is not as important as other things going on in your life, and this is selfish.

If you miss someone’s birthday, you can go to their house and give them the card, which is a moral gesture, devote time to what you set priorities, and never pretend that you don’t have much time, because that’s an insult to yourself and the other party.

4. What if I fail

If not, you will have learned at least something from this quest, but not doing something you want for fear of failure is a failure in itself, ask yourself this question every time you have such an idea: “what is the worst thing that could happen?”When you realize the worst consequences of something, you probably won’t find that it’s that bad.

Now that you have thought about the worst that could happen, you need to reflect on the question

To be: ‘what’s the best thing that could happen if I did this?’

Key message: You just read this small list, which gives the impression of being a bit harsh, but it’s nice to realize the intention of it and prepare it as a pleasant warning.

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