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Physical and Ethereal balance

The need to exercise all aspects of the wholistic self.

By Peter RosePublished about a month ago 3 min read

Physical and Ethereal balance

The need to exercise all aspects of the wholistic self.

Physical, - relating to the body as distinguished from mind or spirit.

Ethereal –celestial or spiritual.

Humans are mostly physical creatures, we have evolved over millions of years and during that time we have increased our brain size and with that our general ability to solve physical problems, often using brain power to overcome physical limitations. Along the way we have evolved an ability for abstract thought, not just to solve physical problems but to also consider the implication and possible consequences of actions. From this we have been led into enquiring about the consequences of events that are outside of our control, events that do not appear to have physical causes. Our ever-developing mind started to consider ethereal matters, at first allocating all apparently ethereal events to the work of “Gods.” We now have reached a point in our development where many people, possibly a majority, accept that we consist of both a physical body and an ethereal force. This force may be termed the spirit, the soul, or the alter ego. There are many variations of name and just about as many variations in the understanding of the makeup and purpose of this non-physical aspect of a human being.

Some people focus all their energy into the development of their cognitive powers, some into body building and physical capabilities. Some even consider appearance to be so much more important than both fitness and intelligence. Some devote themselves completely to the study of spiritual, ethereal, matters. Such specialisations can lead to greater attainments in the chosen direction, but balance is needed if the wholistic self is not to be damaged in some way. Humans are the only species on earth-Gaia- who can balance both ethereal and physical activities. therefor it must be important.

Make a comparison with a motor car, one that looks perfect but is terrible to drive. Development of form while neglecting function is a bad idea, both need equal attention if intending to build a car that sells. It is the same with individual personal development. We have to look after the physical in order to have a carrier for the ethereal. We have to look after the ethereal to have a purpose for the physical. Many others, throughout history, have recognised this. As examples we have, the original Celtic Christians monasteries and hermitages which were attempts at achieving the balance. Working the land when not at Prayer. The Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers were aiming to be both physical and spiritual. In more modern times the original “Hippy” self-sufficiency communes were trying to achieve this balance. None of these survive today and all had human failings and frailties, but they did understand the need to strive for balance.

The twenty first century brings us to a stage of human development where more and more specialisation is needed, where life is divided up into compartments, work, life, leisure, duty, social, family, religion, belief, public duty. These are treated as separate compartments. But a total life, a truly holistic life, does not see these as separate compartments but as interwoven, fully interconnected facets inseparable from each other. Marketing people talk of making a work life balance, but they still see them as separate things. True balance comes from being each integral to the other.

The ancient concept that everything contains both yin and yang, (often thought of as positive and negative, but while this is a useful explanation analogy it can also be misleading.) It appears many confuse the concept of everything containing both yin and yang, with things being in balance. It is not necessarily true. An idea will contain both yin elements and yang ones, but they are rarely in equal proportions. The whole is made up of say 10% one 90% other, so the idea contains both yin and yang but is not in balance.

Training muscles to perform physical activity, takes effort. Training the mind to focus takes effort, training the spirit to emerge from the stresses of modern life also takes time, commitment, and some effort. Just kneeling or sitting, in silence and stillness is unusual for far too many people. To empty the mind of all thoughts, and empty the body of all feeling, takes perseverance and practice. To achieve a completeness of yourself you need to make all of these efforts.

Emotional balance, where hope and expectation match each other, helps us cope with life. Matching realism and pragmatism with desire and need, creates stability and this in turn, provides a support from which we can tackle problems. Balancing relaxation with stimulation, lets us be active without exhaustion. Self-discipline that is levelled with exuberance can bring success. Everything in life becomes more controllable if things are in balance.


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