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Moving Into Stillness

by BambooMoves Englewood 4 years ago in meditation / yoga / advice

I challenge you to embark on your own journey to stillness, equanimity, and peace.

“I am always at the beginning” —The Aged Buddha, on being asked what life was like.

As the holidays come to an end and winter settles in there’s a beautiful yin energy; introspective and still, that provides us with the time and space to unearth our soul’s desires, to mirror Mother Nature. She retreats back to her soil and works hard to ensure her gifts are received in abundance in Spring time.

We too shall embody nature’s grace and “regrow our tale” (Guru Singh). What tale will we tell at the end of the year? How do we manifest our aspirations, our higher self? We take the time nourish our roots and re-craft the direction we’re moving into. This month I challenge you to embark on your own journey to stillness, equanimity, and peace.

Stillness is a state of awareness, a state of being grounded and steering towards self-realization. A paradigm for transformation; shifting from an individual existence to a universal.

If that connection feels lost or we don’t like what’s staring back, be still, observe, and give yourself permission to be uncomfortable. We’ve been programmed to run to what “makes us happy” and we forget everything is difficult until it becomes easy. This discomfort is part of our soul’s evolution, karma we’re meant to burn through and overcome.

This practice of stillness uproots the cause of our suffering and gives opportunity to take responsibility for our experience in this life, to re-write our story.

If you’re feeling lonely along your spiritual journey, keep going! There’s no way around it, only through it, and no one but you can do the work. If you're working towards a more spiritual life or a more awakened existence you may experience bouts of loneliness and despair. Try to remember this is due to old habits, ways of thinking, being, etc. dying off. From this death though there's a rebirth.

We easily become attached to our obstacles, to our fears, to our pains and they become our “mistaken” identity. It takes a lot of courage and will to move through these. To understand we're not our pain and suffering, we're not the body or the mind, but eternal.

“Be still and know I AM…. always at the beginning.”

Learn more about starting your journey of stillness at BambooMoves Englewood.

BambooMoves Englewood
BambooMoves Englewood
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BambooMoves Englewood

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