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Self Care Rituals

Your body should be treated with the utmost respect like the expensive sports car, fed the finest fuel, kept pristine and sparkling, both inside and out with self care rituals.

Self Care Rituals

Why is self care always the first thing to go when life “gets in the way” when it should be our number one priority?

Isn’t our body supposed to be our temple? It should be treated with the utmost respect like the expensive sports car, fed the finest fuel, kept pristine and sparkling, both inside and out. Instead, we’re skimping on sleep and meals—or worse yet, eating fast food and loading up on stimulants. We can’t live a life we love on fumes! We’re letting ourselves get so consumed with work and projects and commitments and things that don’t serve us. Even spending quality time with friends and family is considered food for the soul and we’ve probably been neglecting that as well.

We all get so overwhelmed with work and family obligations. But it is essential that you make yourself a priority—it is, after all, your life. And trust me when I tell you it will be that much better when you start incorporating more “me time.” Don’t feel guilty either, it should be a priority! And keep in mind that it will be better for those around you as well. I’m sure your boss and/or colleagues would prefer a clear headed, energetic, inspired employee over a groggy, irritable, unmotivated one. Shall we go into your love life, family life… how about simply, how you FEEL physically, mentally, spiritually? Only you know where you would love to see improvements and it all starts with taking care of you.

The notion that we need to schedule time to do things that we enjoy, that will raise our vibrations and make us feel better, as if it’s a daunting chore, is almost laughable. But if that’s what we need to do, so be it! These self care rituals will look different for each of us—listening to or playing music that you love, painting, art—doing things you’re passionate about, that make you happy and uplift you, will do more than raise your vibration, they will build your confidence and relieve stress. Spending time in your “happy place” or in nature helps clear your mind, keep you grounded and connected to the universe—it also helps me get my creative juices flowing!

I, for one, love spa treatments, lavender and epsom salt baths, organic, hydrating body oils, reading, and yoga. Fitness, stretching, and dancing all create endorphins and improve circulation throughout your body, giving you more energy! Also, watch what you put into your body. Green juices, raw foods, and drinking pure water will fill you with positive life force energy and flush out toxins. Recently, I had let these things fall by the wayside and my life suffered because of it. I now make it a point to do at least one thing per day, for my health, that will raise my vibration. I’ve literally scheduled into my calendar, yoga and fitness classes, when to write, when to see friends, and my holistic and spa therapies.

It would even serve all of us well to unplug for a few minutes per day and just BE. No phone, no computer, nothing. Close your eyes and be still. Or simply go for a walk! Everyone can unplug for a few minutes per day if you really made it a priority to. Take time to savor moments… with loved ones, with beautiful sunsets, with people watching, whatever it is… notice the small things around you and the beauty in what is. This is being present in the moment. Meditation, mantras, deep breathing… These things all relax and quiet the mind and are so important for your mental/emotional energy.

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