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Morning Moves That Will Change Your Day (And Life)

7 weird but powerful habits of the healthiest and happiest people that energize, inspire, and transform from morning to night.

By steven harrisonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Morning Moves That Will Change Your Day (And Life)
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Our mornings are a precious opportunity to start each new day on the right foot.

The way you establish your morning routine can significantly impact how energized, productive, and healthy you feel the rest of the day. The people I know who are the happiest and healthiest in both body and mind seem to share some unconventional but useful morning habits. After seeing the powerful effects of these practices in their lives, I'm inspired to incorporate some of these habits into my daily routine.

Here are seven unusual but effective things the healthiest people I know do each morning:

1. Drink a glass of lemon water. Beginning the day with a glass of lemon water offers hydration and a dose of vitamin C to refresh your body and mind. The scent of lemons is also naturally energizing and uplifting. Lemons help flush toxins out of your system and aid digestion, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

2. Practice gratitude by writing down three things they're grateful for. Taking a few minutes to reflect on things you appreciate in your life shifts your mindset to a state of abundance rather than lack or scarcity. Note three things you're grateful for, small or large, to help you start the day with positivity and thankfulness. Studies show the simple act of expressing gratitude is correlated with increased happiness, optimism, and life satisfaction.

3. Do some light exercise like yoga or stretching. Moving your body helps wake you up and provide mental and physical benefits that extend throughout the day. Whether it's some gentle yoga poses, stretching, or even dancing around to music, doing light exercise for just 10 to 15 minutes releases endorphins that boost your mood and energizes you by increasing blood flow. You'll feel more alert and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

4. Read an inspiring or educational book chapter or article. Diving into something interesting or meaningful to you feeds your mind and spirit. Spend a few minutes reading material that inspires, teaches you something new, or sparks creative thinking. Getting lost in an engaging book chapter or article is an escape that shifts your attention away from everyday worries or stresses and starts your day off with learning or growth.

5. Eat a healthy and protein-rich breakfast. Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast has significant benefits, including improved concentration, more steady energy, and a lower risk of obesity and diabetes. Some healthy and protein-rich options include oatmeal with nuts and berries, a veggie omelette, a smoothie with greens and fruits, or Greek yogurt with granola. Fueling your body and mind with a good breakfast pays off through the hours of your morning.

6. Listen to uplifting music. While you're getting ready for your day, put on some upbeat and inspiring music that boosts your mood and motivation. Fast-tempo instrumental music works well as it's energizing but non-distracting with lyrics. Not a morning person? Uptempo music is even more effective at shifting your energy and focus levels upward. Try creating a customized morning playlist of your favorite energizing and mood-boosting songs to keep you feeling perky and ready to seize the day.

7. Spend time with loved ones or pets. Starting the day with meaningful social time releases oxytocin, the "love hormone," which helps combat stress and fosters happiness and bonding. Whether it's chatting with your significant other over coffee, giving your kids a hug before they head off to school, walking your dog around the neighborhood, or calling a close friend or family member for a quick catch-up, time with loved ones is vital for well-being and sets a positive tone for your day. Even brief social interactions and expressions of affection can boost your mood and strengthen your relationships.

The small actions you take each morning can establish the daily rhythm you want to experience. While these habits may seem peculiar at first, trying them for a week will likely leave you feeling healthier and happier. Why not give yourself the gift of an energizing morning routine? You have nothing to lose and a brighter day to gain.

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