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meditation allows us to harness our psychic energies to reach any desired effect.

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 4 min read


Stillness Is the Basis of Life

I share this passage on the potent medicine of meditation not as self-help, but as a personal account. As an Alternative healthcare practitioner, the modalities of self-improvement that I have been exposed to are a list that is quite continuous. That is why this statement is profound since stillness is the greatest I have found. Not only does it affect the inner state, but with a bit of understanding the world around us as well.

Imagine Heaven and Hell to be mindsets rather than places to be physically visited. Not only a thought, but a place that can be visited in the mind's eye. Likewise, within our psyche is the entire cosmos, and access to alternate realities and dimensions. Even effects such as time travel, teleportation, and transformation are all within the capacities of the final frontier of the inner world.

Therefore, by accessing this multi-dimensional liminal space we subtly alter our reality, not simply our being, but also the perceivable world around us. In the experiments demonstrated in Quantum Theory, Photons that were not observed behaved dramatically different than those that were caught on camera. In this way, it can be understood how our perception, focus, and intention can affect the world around us.

I use the example of prayer although I am not a Christain, the concept is easy to connect to the ideas aforementioned. The intention of prayer is positive, the act is often quite private, the level of focus is a changing variable, and even the exact desire is mutable. Still, prayer is often effective, yet a few elements have been used to increase its potency, by the spiritual psychonauts of our plane.

Monks and Shamans alike have enhanced the power of prayer for eons by using trance states to access deeper levels of meditation. When within a trance our psyche is functioning in one of several different frequencies which can be recorded. Our Thinking mind, creative mind, emotional mind, and sleeping mind are all represented by the changing of brain frequency.

Visualization is another technique that is profoundly beneficial, but no tool is as important as stillness. The stillness of our being is the true power of meditation.

When we are still, we allow our spirit to be active in other realities. For this reason, doing nothing is the most profound way to change, what may seem unchangeable, or requiring a miracle. However, what we are doing is far from nothing. Yet like true magic, a seemingly unrelated or symbolic action, causes a distant desired outcome. Still, most have not used mediation in this way, but simply for stillness which I would consider to be only the first step. As the way I use Meditation is more comparable to magic, then it is often conveyed.

In the same way, one can think of TAI CHI, often looked at as a simple form of gentle exercise but is truly a powerful martial art in which vital energy is harnessed with destructive potential.

Just like this, meditation allows us to harness our psychic energies to reach any desired effect. Healing, Love, and wealth are three concepts that undoubtedly dominate the human psyche. All three can be affected by a meditation practice.

Meditation is the basis of life. If you can understand this, you will be unstoppable. Before there is action there is thought, and even before thought feeling, therefore if the energy at the root of a feeling can be consciously cultivated then so can a thought, and therefore an action.

Extend this idea into the world around you, that which seems out of your control. Imagine our physical reality to be the product of conscious and unconscious thoughts, energies, and psychic manipulations. In this way, the old maxim finds its place, "as above so below."

Or in other words, what happens within affects what is outside, and what is outside is correlated with what is within. I am saying that what we believe will become our lived reality! What we visualize will manifest! What we want to happen, and what we desire may be as close to us as the fantasy itself. Yet it is not without its own law, and equation, just as an action as simple as eating has its own particular science.

We may rephrase this practice as Meta-Meditation, hinting at the fact that our meditation is infused with metaphysical tools. Or as my mother has once referred to them "the high sciences" a depth of life in which she has no interest.

Yet, I cannot blame her for her views, as these tools are powerful and profound in their way to affect our world. Therefore being without proper guidance and information can be detrimental. For these folks, I suggest finding a good teacher and staying close. Still, for those who would like to take the spirit into their own hands, I have an amazing gift for you. One you are unlikely to find without me, but once you have it will possess for eternity.


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