Life Crisis When You're Only 26 Years Old

Suffering so much when you're only 26 years old. How do you cope?

Life Crisis When You're Only 26 Years Old

You guys are probably thinking "oh why am I listening to her about her life crisis;" I can tell you now when you read this, or when you have finished you will think "oh damn she's right". So button it shrimpy! Haha joke's on you.

So this is a story that I've never told; well publicly I haven't but I'm making you aware young ones, even adults might want to hear this or read this as well, so that they can be aware the warning signs of health issues within themselves or their child.

About the age of 12 or 13 was the time when I first started my first period; yes I'm going there people, tough luck people it's got to happen one way or another. Even I didn't want to do it but then I had to push the boat out and do it; not for myself but my fellow readers, also young readers who feel embarrassed about these things. When it started I was at a wedding in my local church that my parents went to; I had started not to feel to brilliantly with tummy cramps and everything. I didn't know what was happening until I got home and went to the bathroom. That's when I noticed I had started; I didn't know want to do, so I called my mum to come up and she explained everything to me.

Over the years at school I would have to be sent home because I was not feeling brilliant, it was always around the time I was on; the most awkward time was when I was out with my dad one day with my sister and one of my brothers. I didn't really think much of it at that time, it didn't occur to me that something could be wrong health wise.

When I was 21 years old I had noticed that I would get really bad period pains but nothing happened; it would continue like this throughout the summer of 2012, at which point I had to go to the doctors because it was rather strange at the time and worried me that something wasn't right. So I went for my appointments and tests and learned that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My ovaries were bigger than normal, that's why I was getting bad pains. The downside was that I may not be able to have kids later in life. I try not to think about it too much. I just think that if I can get through having a learning disability, I can manage to get through this thing, whatever it is. So my doctor gave me a contraceptive pill, which I reacted quite badly to. Every 21 days I would have my head down the toilet, to their surprise. They had me stop taking them and see how I got on without it for a few months, then in May 2013 I had an implant put in and since then I've been perfectly fine. On occasions I would get the odd bleeds but I would go straight down to the doctors to ask why it was happening. Other than that I was good to go.

Between 23 and 24 years old I had started to become more withdrawn in a way that people were starting to notice that I wasn't myself; it became more and more apparent as I had started back at work, then became checked out at work. That's when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety; I had the darkest times then but now that I'm currently not working, I'm starting to feel a bit better and am able to do things more. However, I do have my down days as well but it's okay, I always have great support from the family and friends around me.

I know I have signs of what might be Lacoste Intolerance. I haven't been diagnosed with it but due to family members having it I kind of know what it is that's causing it, so I've been avoiding chocolate as much as possible, even though I love it. Anything with dairy in it makes me not feel so great. I should get it tested out in case it is Lactose Intelerance. I noticed it more between 25/26 years old than any other years.

If you have any worries that you can't talk to someone about or need an advice on something, email on [email protected], especially for inquiries on the topics you have read about.

All the best, good luck.


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