Keep Your Control

Being Angry

Keep Your Control

His blood is boiling within him.

So many thoughts are running through his mind.

The rage within him is taking over and he can hardly control it. Everyone is telling him to calm down, but those words are just making him feel so much worse. He just wants everyone to leave him alone; he just wants—no actually, he needs—silence.

He thinks to himself, why can’t everyone just give him what he needs right now?

Why must they keep trying to comfort him?

When all he wants is for everyone to stop talking and to just give him space.

All the questions that they keep asking him are just making the rage within him build up even more. Everything is just irritating him—he can barely hold himself together. His face is hot and turning red, but this doesn’t stop everyone from approaching him.

Yes, their intentions may be good but it is not what he needs right now. He needs space, but no one will give it to him. He wants to yell but that wouldn’t be the right way to behave in public. Biting his tongue is becoming harder and harder.

It is so weird. His morning had started off so great, he woke up in the best mood ever, but it took just one thing to trigger him. It took just one thing to turn his day upside down. Once one thing happens, it seems as if it is a chain reaction and everything around him starts to crash.

He spills his morning coffee all over his brand-new pants.

He is an hour late for work and now he is stuck in traffic.

What else could go wrong?

The rage is building up within him. One more thing could set him off and make him lose control.

It is a funny way how anger works. It could take the smallest thing in the world to change your mood. You could start out happy and just one little thing can cause the anger to take over. Once it takes over, it takes everything within you to try and gain back control; it takes everything within you to try and think logically and not just react on the way that you are feeling.

The anger can start by just a simple irritation and then grow into something massive that you can barely control.

Everyone has different things that make them angry; what could cause one person to feel anger my not cause you to feel angry. It doesn’t matter who it is that is angry and what it is that has caused them to feel that way, it is important to give people some space to gather their thoughts. Don’t just swarm down on them like a bunch of bees. Give them enough space to breathe.

Everyone handles their anger differently. Some people may have more control than others, while other people may have little to no control and could be seconds away from reacting. One question, one action, one little thing could very much change everything.

It could be the use of abusive language towards someone:

  • Disrespectful behaviour
  • Insulting someone
  • Blaming
  • Lying
  • Pressure from people around them
  • Or even lack of control are just a few things that could cause someone to become angry.

Anger is a horrible feeling. Once it gets started it is so hard to bring it under control.

Some try counting down from ten.

Some people do exercises such as breath in through their nose and out through their mouth.

Some people do yoga.

Some people listen to music.

All of this just to gain back that control. All of this just to be ok again. They all may not work for everyone, but it is always good to give one a try or maybe all of them. To see what may work best.

Things can go from 0 to 100 very fast.

You can be in control at one moment and then the next moment you could lose all control.

It is important to do what works for you, to do whatever it takes to keep control.

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