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Ignite The Souls Fire

To feed our passion our rather the souls fire we must balance..

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 5 min read

Ignite The Souls Fire

Embracing Ancestral Embers.

What element is purpose?

Some would say it is stable like earth, another may consider it

passionate as fire, or fluid like water. Maybe even as ethereal and dreamy as air Or even infinite as space.

All of these answers are True as the purpose of life is a complex equation of several elements like those mentioned above.

Our purpose needs stability but also space to dream.

Passion, as well as acceptance of fluidity.

Yet for purpose of this chapter I will focus on the flame, the element of fire, today will represent passion. Fire is an interesting element when compared to the other 3 since fire does not truly exist or at least not in the way the others do. A fire can burn, and some fires have burned for 1000 years. These small, maintained fires will sit in a room cultivated for their symbolic power in gold or silver dish stained black by soot.

However, earth can be found at any time, water from a stream or faucet, and air not seen but close to us at all times. Fire may be just as close but by a chemical reaction. A strike from a flint sustained with gasoline, held in the structure of the technology, or wax of a candle.

Similar to this a lightning strike is also a product of hidden divine chemistry, sparks and eventually fire is suddenly produced. In this way, fire is unstable, both consistent and relying on particular needs to survive.

Our passion is like this, although it can exist and grow for a lifetime, it can also fade and dissipate, until the place that was once as hot as the sun is no warmer than any other icy tundra campground.

So how can we help our passions survive the test of time? What does it take for a fire to remain without going out? A fire needs wood to consume, air to breathe, and the absence of too much water although a drizzle will not put out a campfire, nor a down pore a raging forest fire.

The wood element corresponds with sustenance, stability, and constants. As solid matter wood represents our regiment, habits, lifestyle, the general structure, and order of life. It is within this consistency that we find the greatest fuel to our goals, dreams, and desire.

What is the best way to reach any given destination? Step by step of course, day by day of course. One will gain more ground doing a step a day Then 8 steps one day then zero for the next 12, so by stability and consistency we will undoubtedly reach any goal.

Sill too much wood will slowly suffocate a fire if it has not developed sufficient heat. A small fire requires appropriate nourishment, just as a large flame has different sustenance requirements.

Air being the counter component of wood, it represents the thought space rather than the concrete reality. To cultivate a powerful fire the proper balance of air must be available. Likewise in the pursuance of any goal, dreaming or fantasizing around the concept is vital.

This space allows much-needed processing and integration to occur and is especially true in creative endeavors. Too much dry wood cuts off air supply, and by creating an overburden to the flame destroys passion.

Air allows our dreams to remain exciting buoyant and imaginative ultimately keeping them worthy of our spirits light. Still without the structure, air will always remain only a fantasy. Divorced from reality and likewise lacking true form.

Water is the element of fluidity opposite to fire, therefore potentially damaging to our passion. Yet water is key to the essence of life meaning it will be impossible to do away with. Fluidity, change, and surrender remind us that life is not in our control.

However diligently we cultivate and chase our goals and desires fusing vital combustible thoughts with the structure of wood. water will always cool and challenge our direction, and likewise our ability to stay focused on the path.

In this way, fluidity should be kept to a minimum, as too much flexibility will ultimately pull one from their course, passion, or original direction. Water is compromising, and compromising will ultimately end the flame of passion and desire.

Fire has another component to harness, coal and ash. Hot glowing embers await a log to be placed, and a gust of wind to give the kiss of life. Reviving the seemingly dead fire, into a glory more formidable then before it died down. In the same way, a lost passion is not as far off as you might think. It may simply be awaiting a jolt of life, or an intentional breath to excite its flames once again.

To feed our passion or rather the souls fire we must balance the complex equation similar to stoking a campfire. Next time you find yourself building a fire think of the symbolic nature of this ancient practice. The fire connects us to our ancestors, as it is symbolic of humans mastering and controlling elements, and likewise mastery within ourselves.

Therefore, mastery takes both dedication and room for enjoyment and imagination, as well as acceptance of fluidity. Following, is a great practice to build and cultivate the soul's fire. The following metaphysical technique will aid in building passion and reaching our heart's desires.

All Obstacles are Removed.

Cultivating the Souls fire


This meditation set will ignite the souls fire, and remove all obstacles to reaching our soul's desire. There are 3 basic forms, and 1 advanced within this practice. Like all forms cultivating the souls fire begins with activating the basic psychic level using the tea steam form that will not be revisited here but can be found easily, in my work.

Psychic Gold Bowl: See a Gold dish that is the embodiment of your passion, goal, and desire. breath into it giving it warmth. visualize in its reflection the unfolding of your direction.

Warming Breath: Imagine stacking wood, in a way suited for burning. Each inhale imagine breathing into the faggot, exhaling the growing flames out from the logs allowing them to slowly grow. beginning to consume the wood.

Embodying fire: In this step, the energy of fire is more closely integrated as we come back to our physical body visualizing the breath as fire inhaling to build exhaling to expand.

Embracing Ancestral embers; Within the orange, and red flames see your passions reflected to you, as well as the ancestors that have paved the way.


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