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If you want to keep the vagina clean and healthy

then it is necessary to remove these 5 myths.

By MayaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Since childhood, we have been hearing many myths about vagina from our grandmothers. Today, while talking about some such myths, let us fact-check them.

Along with physical health, it is also important for every woman to take care of intimate health. Now when it comes to intimate health, we have heard many myths since childhood. Like not eating pickles during periods or not following certain things etc. But when the reason for these things was not revealed, they remained only as said things. It is not wrong to follow old beliefs, but it is important that you know the reason behind them. Knowing about your vaginal health is not only a necessity but also a right of every girl. We spoke to Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Bijnor, to know about certain myths related to vaginal health. Who gave us special information on this subject.

1. The vagina hardens after the baby is delivered

Many women are worried about the fact that their vagina will become tight after the birth of a child. Denying this myth, Dr. Neeraj Sharma said that after the baby is delivered, the vagina does not become tight but becomes loose. Because during this the muscles pull.

Also, he told that the most special thing about the vagina is that it not only stretches to let the baby go during delivery, but also comes back to its shape with time. If your iron level is low, or there is a decrease in the elasticity of the body, there may be a possibility of being loose for a long time.

According to the advice of experts, to avoid the problem, pay attention to your vaginal health along with your diet. For this, pay attention to special exercises.

2. You should wash your vagina as many times as you go to urinate.

Washing the vagina after urinating can protect you from dangerous infections in many ways. Due to this, there will be no risk of bacterial infection, as well as there will be no problem of smell coming after urinate.

Giving advice on this myth, gynecologist Dr. Neeraj says that it is necessary to clean the vagina with water after urinating, but do not make the mistake of leaving it wet. Because there can be a risk of peeling, smell or fungal infection if left wet. That's why after washing the vagina, do use tissue.

3. Should the vagina be moisturized daily?

You must have heard about vaginal oil sold in the market. With which it is claimed to keep the vagina fresh and moisturized. So is it really necessary to moisturize the vagina?

Describing this myth as wrong, Dr. Neeraj said that the vagina has its own natural moisturizing properties. Because of which there is no need to moisturize it. Apart from this, if there is a problem of dryness due to any disease or menopause problem. So the solution can be solved by taking medicines on the advice of the doctor.

4. Vaginal smell means infection

In fact, the vagina also has its own natural smell, which can be overpowering at times. In some cases, there may also be a problem of smell coming from the vagina. But it has nothing to do with infection. According to experts, there are many such vaginal infections too, in which there is no smell. That's why it is not correct to associate vaginal smell with infection.

5. Should expensive products be used to clean the vagina properly?

Many women believe that only expensive products available in the market should be used to clean the vagina properly. Describing this myth as wrong, Dr. Neeraj said that it is not wrong to use market products for vaginal hygiene, but you should keep in mind that these products match the pH level of the vagina. Because the difference in pH level can put you at risk of infection.

Giving advice on vaginal hygiene, Dr. Neeraj says that even just cleaning with water is beneficial for vaginal health.


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