How to Become a Natural Beauty as You Age

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Tips for making your skin look younger

How to Become a Natural Beauty as You Age

Are you reaching the age where you are finally seeing fine lines, and you want to stop the aging process? I cannot think of anyone my age who does not want to slow the effects of aging down. And it does become more of a worry when you hit your 40s. That is when I first noticed that time was not going to be so kind to me anymore.

The Hollywood Approach to Staying Young

Today, I do not want to discuss expensive ways to solve this problem. I would like to suggest more natural ways to grow older, and still look ten years younger through the process. Nonetheless, before we talk about the ways that we can take a more natural approach to age, let us, at least, list the ways that are popular among people of wealth, but not so logical for keeping your own ability to defy age.

  • Injectables—the most common injectables that people feel make them look younger are Botox fillers and lip fillers.
  • Skin Resurfacing/Laser—if you have noticeable scars, stretch marks, or wrinkles, and have money to spend, then laser treatments are popular treatments for people who have a fear of wrinkles
  • Liposuction—everyone knows that as we age there is a threat of gaining weight even if we diet. Lipo is a type of surgical procedure that destroys fat cells by pulling them out through a suction device.
  • Plastic Surgery—the main surgeries that are considered plastic surgery are breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and facelifts. All are for cosmetic purposes.

Above are the ways that people such as Hollywood actors, or people who are in wealthy positions like to conquer growing old. However, if you start getting any of these procedures, the fact is, you will never stop. Once these types of actions are taken to try and renew youth, it will probably be a part of your life forever. Gravity will not allow you to turn back the hands of time with a single facelift or tummy tuck.

The More Natural Ways to Defy Age

Nevertheless, today is not going to be the day we focus on a discussion about the way wealth brings youth. Instead, I want to bring a more appealing way to keep youth. Natural remedies and routines will not only help you grow old in your own skin, but they will help you glow from the inside out. Growing older naturally is more than what you look like on the outside, it is how you feel on the inside, which will contribute to the way you see yourself, and others see you on the outside.

  • Apply daily moisturizers and creams to your skin—this will help rejuvenate your skin cells, and if applied every day can reduce wrinkles.
  • Take a collagen supplement—taking a daily supplement of collagen for younger skin will help maintain your elasticity. As we grow older, it is common knowledge that skin loosens. However, collagen is the key to keeping a tighter appearance.
  • Non-strenuous exercise (Yoga)—who says you must kill yourself running marathons, or doing an hour of aerobics every day? If you want to, and feel able, then go for it. But if you have never been a fitness fanatic, you do not have to start just because you are getting older. Yoga is a slower-paced way to keep in shape; a more mindful way.
  • Ignore your negative genes—this is easy for some of us, but may be harder for others. Just because you have the curse of some scary family genes, you do not have to live by the negativity of them. Maybe cancer runs in your family, but do not cower to thoughts that it will happen to you.
  • Keep healthy sleeping habits—you know how much sleep you need by now, so just make sure you get that amount of sleep you require nightly.
  • LOVE YOURSELF—this may take some time, but like the Nike logo says, "Just Do it!"

Now, take a long look at the above list. What is the main thing that you feel is a requirement for doing all of them? It is as easy as routine. In our daily lives, we already have a basic routine we follow throughout our day, so incorporating a few more very simple ones into it should not be so difficult. After all, some of them are as easy as programming your mind into a positive format.

Which Way of Growing Older Suits Your Personality

Given all the points discussed, which way do you want to get older? Will you continue through your life, spending your money on procedure after procedure, or will you take a positive initiative and grow old with dignity and money in your pocket? One way pleases the insecure, and the other is for people who want to find the natural beauty that all of us possess.

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