3 Unique Ways to Go All Natural

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3 Unique Ways to Go All Natural

All natural is the current trend, but what about those lesser known ways of going back to Mother Nature’s design? In this short article, we show you three ways that you can go all natural, and the best part is... you probably have not heard about them before.

Ditch the Deodorant, COMPLETELY.

Your first thought is probably, “Eww, now I am going to small bad.” Interestingly enough, body odor is a sign of imbalance. When you smell bad, you probably have things in your body that your body does not like, or your body has nutritional imbalances. For instance, healthy eyesight is contingent on the right balance of vitamins. Crucial vitamins for vision are vitamin A, E, C, B6, B9, B12, Riboflavin, Niacin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, Omega 3 fatty acids, and thiamine. A great way of determining whether your eyesight is as optimal as it can be, without going to the doctor, is to get your body odor back in check, and see how your eyesight improves.

Other reasons for body odor could be excess sugar and oils, medication, chemicals, and other toxins. Not to mention, if you are loading up on deodorant, you are putting more foreign substances on your body, and deodorant could also be the cause of body odor! If you ditch the deodorant, not only are you saving money, and keeping plastic out of the landfill, but you are also allowing yourself to be more in tune with your body and its needs.

Stop Washing Your Hair!

Once again, we mean this to be for eternity. Your body knows how to clean itself. Shampoo is a relatively modern invention. Women in the 1900s rarely, if ever, washed their hair, and if they did, they used bar soap.

Allowing your hair to become strong and shiny on its own is just a reflection of your body healing itself. If you have greasy hair, chances are your insides are greasy too. When you shampoo your hair, you essentially cover up the damage that is occurring inside. Once again, this could save you tremendous amounts of money. You may even find yourself changing your diet and lifestyle in order to have truly natural beautiful hair. Such lifestyle shifts might even help with weight loss, and longer term savings on healthcare and excess (packaged) food costs.


Humans have two legs for a reason, but with the onset of technology around the industrial revolution, humans adapted very quickly to robots: cars, scooters, bicycles, anything to keep us off our own two feet. So, another sure way of going all natural is... the next time you want to go somewhere, walk there. Matching your pace with nature’s design will slow your life down tremendously, and you may realize that half the things you do on a regular basis are somewhat pointless, like, wherever you might be walking to! Could you be happy staying at home sitting in your front lawn and listening to the birds sing? Therefore, keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground, during all parts of your busy day, is a sure way to go all natural.

Not only will walking everywhere help you towards your body’s natural weight and activity level, but you will save money and the environment. No longer will you want to buy gas for your car, or even want your car (let’s face it, insurance is expensive). It is even better if you already do not like your job—find something you want to do at home! You will have fewer expenses already if you sell your car, grow your own food, and do not have to walk anywhere anyway.


Going all natural is a highly individualized experience, but nevertheless, we hope that you have enjoyed these three unique ways. Try one out for yourself, and see what “natural” means to you.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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