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Feeling of Guilt

There is only a human being on this planet who at some point in his life has gone through a feeling of guilt

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Feeling of Guilt
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psychologists tell us that feelings of guilt are a combination of mixed emotions, which are united by the quality of negativity; it is a combination of anger, sadness, shame, helplessness, and anxiety, we feel when some memories knock on the door of our imagination for no apparent reason, and these memories take the form of a situation or relationship with a friend in which we judge ourselves to be wrong and that our attitude is incomplete or abnormal.

“Maybe there’s more we all could have done, but we just have to let the guilt remind us to do better next time.”

― Veronica Roth

Some psychology experts say that feelings of guilt are mostly irrational; in most cases, we feel guilty about situations that we did not have any ability to change in the first place, and the cases that we were able to change are few or almost none, but the sensitive psychological mechanisms in some people push them to amplify these things to the point of guilt.

How do we usually behave when faced with feelings of guilt?

When we have feelings of guilt, we face them by experiencing them while avoiding confronting the basic ideas they contain regarding our ability or performance; which may cause us to continue to suffer from these feelings.

While some people may resort to another way to deal with their sense of guilt, by avoiding living these thoughts and feelings completely, and staying away from anything related to them in any way; this reinforces our belief in the lack of our abilities and skills and makes us feel incompetent and lack of self-confidence.

These two methods represent a failed method of dealing with feelings of guilt; we think that by doing so we get rid of the problem, but at the same time we plunge deeper into it.

What is the right way to overcome feelings of guilt?

It may seem naive to say that the best or only way we may be able to give ourselves a greater chance of overcoming or overcoming feelings of guilt is not to avoid them, but this is the truth on which all schools of psychology come together.

This may be strange for some people because of the feelings of guilt that may come to us as a result of things that happened in the past, which are already very urgent feelings that we may not be able to avoid or ignore.

We must come to the conviction that the only way to heal from these feelings is not to escape from them or move them to another place; it is an effective confrontation, and that is by accepting the matter at the beginning to be able to understand what happened in that situation, that relationship or that stage logically and rationally, and ask ourselves openly: “were we fully responsible for what happened?” and, “could it have been better than it was?” and, “what is the expected benefit of experiencing these harsh emotions?”.

When we think about these questions purely rationally, putting aside everything related to emotions aside, we will inevitably come to simple and clear answers that bring comfort and tranquility to ourselves, and achieve a state of self-tolerance, which involves rational realism, and given the limitations of what we could have done; this tolerance and this realism will increase our chances of quickly overcoming all the feelings of guilt that we were experiencing in the past.

Why guilt is the most powerful destructive weapon in the history of mankind

The most powerful weapon that can be used against a person is his feeling of guilt towards you.

The most powerful weapon with which a person can destroy himself is to feel guilty, whether it is with logical justification or not.

The most common weapon used by parents in the face of their young children is their sense of guilt; they can thus put children inside strong and strong prisons of absolute obedience, low voice, and broken eye; whether for a reason or no reason, or whether this reason is just their presence in this life.

Likewise, the most powerful weapon that children can use against their parents is to make them feel guilty for their material or emotional negligence towards them, or even just for bringing them into this life without understanding the fact that the parents gave them what they thought was the best possible.

The most powerful weapon that some people can use — in the name of religion — to control people is to make them feel guilty about any emotion or idea that comes to mind and crush them under this feeling, which leads to deafening their ears and blinding their eyes from life, truth, and reality.

In conclusion:

The most important way to get rid of the feeling of guilt is to purify ourselves from it, by performing our duties to the fullest without any negligence, and taking responsibility for the work and jobs we occupy, so that we have done everything possible to avoid any mistake, and here we have absolved ourselves of responsibility for what may happen as long as it is beyond our Will, ability, and knowledge.

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