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Why are we afraid of time?

Everyone has something or some things that they are afraid of.

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why are we afraid of time?
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our fear of time comes from the fact that it is limited, and we would be less afraid of losing the time we have on our hands if we had the opportunity to earn more from it, but we do not have this opportunity, which makes the passage of time a very worrying event for us as humans.

Fear of time is also attributed to the fact that we will inevitably die, as we can see from the past and the future, therefore, our fear of death comes from the fact that we know that we cannot take with us our lives, which make the passage of time a very worrying event for us as humans.

“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”

― Roy T. Bennett

There is the fact that time flows, and this is the fact that forces us to evolve, as time always passes, we will have to adapt to change, causing us to become more resistant to it, this is what causes us to evolve.

I have also read that we see ourselves as a line, or in terms of time, we have a disposition that we can trace back to a point that is inviolable and eternal. As a line, we extend itself towards us and we make ourselves a part of our history and our future, we are always moving along the path toward the future, and our attitude towards the future is the reason that we will have a future, it is our attitude towards the time that will determine if we will have a future.

Some people say that time is not a problem, but I believe that time is a problem for all of us, we all have the same problem, to face with time, we all have a fear of the unknown, and we all want to leave a mark in the world, and this fear is the fear of time.

We all want to know the future, and we all want to throw our shadows on a wall, but there is one thing that is different for each of us, we all want to know the future, but we all dare not to know the future, for that we do not dare to know what our life will be, but we do not dare to know what our life will be, because time will tell us if we are worthy of knowing what our life will be.

Fear of the unknown

As a result, we are the ones who are afraid of the unknown, and we are the ones afraid of time, for that, we are all the same, we all live in a labyrinth of time and we all want to escape from the life of the time, but we all do not know how to escape, we all do not know how to free ourselves from time, as long as we are subject to time, time will always call us back to itself, to our own time, to live each day in the same way as before, aging and dying, we will always be subject to the same cycle of time, it is this fear that makes us fear the unknown, that makes us fear the passage of time, and it is this fear that makes us feel that we are not worthy of knowing the unknown.

Key message: Embodying the concept of “freedom from the control of time” means seeing a comprehensive, embodied picture of life; which requires full immediate presence, and prior knowledge of yourself towards your life and your future destination; and this means distancing yourself from the trivia of everyday matters and worries in an attempt to enjoy your current and future situation.

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