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Balance in Life

Life is like a circle

By si bouzePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Balance in Life
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whenever we move away from our nature center, we desperately try to turn back, and when people talk about the “natural order of the world” or “periodicity”, this is what they will say: there is a natural balance of everything, and regardless of whether you are a human being or any other being, this balance is your natural tendency to return to the center, but what is your And most importantly, where does it lie

“The mind is just like a muscle — the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.”

― Idowu Koyenikan

Determining your position is the first step to determining your success:

It can be easy to know where your center is located, if you look back at your life, you will see that it is not so much a straight line as a ring revolving around a central point, as well as a matter of success, although your life is constantly progressing upwards, it revolves around a certain Center.

Instead of success taking a linear path, success for those who have a deep understanding of their center takes a spiral path: it is that upward movement that revolves around our balanced Center, which leads to a successful life that gives deep meaning to the person who lives it, rather than a person who seems “successful” by the standards of society but has moved so far away from his balanced center that his success does not provide him with any great goal.

If you have moved away from your center of balance or are unable to recognize it, it will lead your life into a spiral out of your control without harmony or purpose, whereas if you are constantly moving upwards around your center, you will be rewarded with a life full of purpose and passion.

Determine your position by looking back:

When determining your center of balance, will be like the process of looking back toward your life in search of key indicators of something your life revolves around.

As for me, I have always loved to write; I majored in journalism, but I soon realized that writing was more a passion for me than a career choice, and ultimately, I did not want to live my life like some sports news writers; therefore, when those around me pressured me to get a “more practical specialty”, I switched to Financial Studies and also got a degree in economics.

I ended up working in an office, and in fact, now I’m sitting at my desk while I’m writing this article, but regardless of the job I took or the city I decided to live in, it always occurred to me to write, and apart from writing, it was the generation of ideas and links that I discovered while promoting the content of my blog that pushed me forward.

This is the center of balance that has pushed my life upward, if I had all the money in the world, I would continue to wake up early and go to a cafe and then start writing, and no matter where I was or where I was going, I always return to writing and what it means to me.

Determine your center of balance by looking at what your life revolves around:

Do you have a specific passion that you have been pursuing all your life if not, is there something in common that connects your developing emotions This matter or intrinsic value is the center of your life and the root cause of your success, but moving away from this center is the root cause of your failures.

Defining your center is the first step to achieving balance and taking real ownership of your life, but every balance has a weight, and I would be remiss if I stopped without mentioning it; sometimes the real key to reaching the center is for the balance to tilt in one direction, and for the weight to tilt in the opposite direction.

Using the example above, if writing is my true focus, then maybe instead of striving to create a full-time business, I can create a business that gives me time to write the content I love to write about, as a counterweight to my central balance of the writing.

To use a different example; if your passion is rock climbing, don’t build a company that sells equipment for rock climbing, instead establish a business that will allow you the freedom to climb rocks whenever you want, the important thing is to determine your position; therefore, regardless of the strategy you use to stay balanced, you know that you are constantly rotating and ascending around your balanced position.

In conclusion:

Do you know the saying: “the journey is the destination?” Firstly, this statement is 100% true, and secondly, finding your center, and then looking for ways to strengthen and increase your balance is the real journey, staying balanced throughout your life is the real destination.

Key message: when you can find your balance and stay at the center of this balance, and then increase the volume and balance of your center through experiments, you turn your passion into a real goal, and only then will you work and fulfill the impulse of confidence that permeates every part of your life.

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