Dinner At Eight

Deception In Every Bite

Dinner At Eight

For some time now almost all of the food that we buy in grocery stores has been altered is some way or another. In other words, genetically altered or as they say GMO is the term used today. I for one don't relish the idea of eating genetically altered or modified food of any sort. But, today with a company called Monsanto having a monopoly of seed production the food we eat already has been genetically modified in some way or another. Take for instance Soy. What Monsanto has done with soy beans has caused many people to think twice about what they are eating. In most cases what we are eating today is a major contributor to a whole slew of ailments and diseases. The problem today stems form the fact that soy is found in so many food products and is the most common genetically modified organism in all of our food supply. It has been altered to withstand the applications of herbicides. Just imagine we are eating foods with traces of Roundup already infested in the soy products in our food. Talk about killing the Goose that laid the golden egg. Well people, we are the geese that are laying the golden eggs in our whole economy with our consumer spending. And when we die off who is left to buy products?

What is actually happening is that the world today especially here in the United States the money game is played with lives in the balance. We buy the food that is already tainted or should we say genetically modified which causes a whole assortment of diseases and aliments. In order to ease our suffering we pay to go to the doctor, then we go and pay some more for the pharmaceuticals that have been engineered to mask over the effects of the very food we are eating. In many cases, we the unsuspecting public continue to spend more money we can't afford anyway only to end still eating the very foods that continue to cause our ailment or worse yet end up dying. Who wins it is not us. The only winners are Monsanto, health insurance providers and the pharmaceutical industry. All are reaping huge profits at the public's expense.

Today, our own government is complicit in allowing Monsanto to operate with full impunity knowing that GMO food is directly linked with so many health concerns all across the nation. To date, Monsanto isn't required to label food with GMO labels. The company continues to lack adequate FDA/USDA safety testing. They continue to block governmental regulations. They are guilty of false advertising not to mention scientific fraud. There has been countless small independent farmers that have gone out of business. It is a well known fact that Monsanto's GMO foods when put to laboratory test without a doubt cause cancer, sterility, miscarriages and seizures. To think that GMO foods increase crop yields think again because they don't.

Genetically modified seeds that are engineered in laboratories all over the world have infiltrated into the crops of corn, soy, rice and wheat which make up so much of the food we eat it is impossible to avoid eating at least one or two genetically modified sources of food. More than 98% of the corn, soybean and cotton crops grown in the United States have been genetically modified to resist pesticides or insects. Corn and soy are the most common ingredients for feed to our livestock and in the other food that is processed for human consumption. The Agriculture Department is consistently approving more genetically engineered food sources. Already on the market are genetically modified salmon. All for our eating pleasure.

The biggest issue is that our government and the large biotech corporations have purposely withheld vital information concerning the dangers of genetically modified foods from the mainstream media and outside of the public's awareness. Contrary to what is now being considered the greatest answer to combating Global Hunger Genetically Modified foods actually don't. What's worse is that these food sources that have been modified pose more health concerns than previously reported and our public's safety is in serious jeopardy because we are being inundated with these types of foods in virtually every thing we buy at the grocery store.

Deceptive in almost every way our glorious food. The food is planted, grown, harvested, prepared, consume, and taken for granted that the supply will always be available in our supermarkets is not what we think it is. That being wholesome, beneficial, and nutritious for our consumption. The general public is being and has been deceived about what we eat. In almost every thing we eat either has added fructose, corn syrup of some other artificial preservative that has caused our health care industry and businesses billions of dollars of lost time and production due to the huge volume of medical effects of what is put into our food supply. Years ago we could always count on what we ate as the actual product without the added preservatives and genetically modified. With the advent of the corporate farms dominating the agricultural scene have all but eliminated the local family farmer. As such the soil that supports our crops have been depleted of the nutrients that are so necessary for any crop to produce the healthful benefits that are so necessary for our overall health and nutrition. These corporate farms have put profit ahead of the health of our nation. In their thirst for more monetary gain they dismiss that the soil must be given time to replenish the nutrients that are so necessary for healthy crops. This type of corporate farming has been going on for over forty years. Our way of farming has morphed into a Frankenstein and is one of the biggest factors in the escalating rate of health related illnesses. The lack of proper nutrition in our food supply.

The population of the United States can no longer afford or relay on the current method the way our food industry processes the food supply. It is time our own government acknowledges the hard truth that GM of our food is undermining the health and safety of our population. Change is most urgently needed if we are to regain our health and stave off financial disaster due to the rising costs of the health concerns that are a direct link to our food supply, consumption and production. Education is crucial is detailing what is actually in the food we eat. It starts with the knowledge of what is beneficial for us not just some ingredient that are inscribed on the boxes of cereal or other food source. Every person has to take some responsibility for their own health and enlighten themselves of the benefits of the right choices of nutrition, exercise, and illness prevention to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

The best way to start is to revisit history. What worked centuries ago is a viable source to secure proper nutrition in our food supply today. The ancient Chinese practiced growing natural soybean plants knowing that these plants would regenerate and rejuvenate the soil for other crops to have the natural nutritional value. They learned to make fermented forms of soy such as natto, miso, tempeh and tamari all of which are used as vital nutrients for the human body. Now, when we genetically modify soy, corn and wheat the natural the nutrients are missing leaving the human body lacking the proper nutrients to fight off disease. Since 1996 Monsanto has only increased it's production of GMO food sources and with it our nation has seen a drastic rise in cancer, and so many other health related illnesses. And, yet where is the out pouring of support to understand that the food we are eating today is actually detrimental to our nations health. This is a global health crisis and it needs to be addressed.

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