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Can I get diabetes from eating sweets?

Can diabetes be cured?

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

The "three high" diseases are mostly found in the middle-aged and elderly population, causing three diseases, which have many factors, mainly related to their eating habits and work habits. These three diseases are all metabolic diseases, and the one that affects the body the most is undoubtedly diabetes.

According to the 2017 statistics of the International Diabetes Federation, the global adult population with diabetes is about 425 million according to the outbreak characteristics and disease trends, and the global prevalence of diabetes induced by endocrine hormones is about 8.4% for women aged 20 to 79 years according to the gradual decrease in endocrine hormones, or disorders, and about 9.1% for men.

Clinical glucose experts as well as the Diabetes Alliance Association expect that by 2045, the number of people with diabetes may reach 629 million.

Many people may think that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar, but some people say they do not eat sugar, why do they have diabetes instead? It's a good idea to find out.


About Diabetes

Is diabetes a hereditary disease?

Genetic diseases are diseases caused by changes in genetic material, including chromosomal abnormalities and genetic mutations.

Diabetes is a polygenic disease, but this type of disease is not only related to hereditary factors, but also has different levels of severity and risk of development, and can show family clustering.

In addition to genetic factors, the disease is also associated with environmental factors, diet, and lifestyle, so it is important to actively change poor lifestyle and eating habits. Try to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, exercise properly, reduce weight and improve insulin resistance.

[Typing of diabetes].

Diabetes mellitus is mainly divided into type I diabetes and type II diabetes. Type I diabetes has a younger age of onset, mostly <30 years old, with a sudden onset, polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, significant wasting symptoms, and high blood glucose levels.

Many patients have ketoacidosis as the first symptom, low serum insulin, and C-peptide level, ICA and IAA may be positive, generally oral medications are ineffective and need to be treated with insulin.

Type II diabetes is common in middle-aged and elderly people, with a high incidence in obese people, often accompanied by hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and other diseases, with insidious onset.

In the early stage, there may be no symptoms or only mild weakness and thirst, and the diagnosis can be confirmed by a glucose tolerance test if the increase in blood sugar is not obvious. Serum insulin level is normal or increased in the early stage and low in the late stage.

[Can diabetes be cured?

At present, diabetes is a controllable, incurable disease. Once elevated blood sugar is detected, diabetic patients must be treated with diet control and exercise. If the blood sugar is still not controlled based on diet and exercise, it is necessary to apply glucose-lowering drugs for treatment.

There are many kinds of glucose-lowering drugs, so it is recommended to choose the right plan for you under the guidance of your doctor. Do not blindly listen to some advertisements and apply some clinic self-configured drugs or health care hypoglycemic drugs to avoid delaying the condition.


The "culprit" of diabetes may be uncovered, the root is not sweets, but it, adhere to not eating is to win

Will you get diabetes if you eat sweets?

The reason is that the occurrence of diabetes is very closely related to the level of the patient's pancreatic function and whether or not there is a susceptibility gene for diabetes.

The only hormone in the body that lowers blood sugar is insulin, and insulin is secreted by the pancreatic beta cells.


Whether you eat sweets or not, there will be a significant change in your blood sugar level, but after eating sweet food, your blood sugar level will rise more obviously.

When people have high blood sugar, most people think that high blood sugar is caused by eating too many sweets, eating sweets is indeed one of the important reasons for the rise of blood sugar, but it is not the real "culprit", but the following foods.

Starchy foods

When the body's blood sugar gradually rises, starchy food, I hope you better control your mouth, because starchy food contains more carbohydrates.

Often eating carbohydrate-rich foods, over time will lead to the conversion of sugar in the body, and blood sugar continues to soar.

Often eating starch-rich food, will also affect the body's insulin secretion, resulting in increased blood sugar, which is not conducive to health, so starchy food, I hope you hurry to pull black.

Carbonated drinks, fruit juices

Diabetes is getting younger and younger this is inseparable from the daily diet of young people, many young people now prefer to drink carbonated drinks and fruit juices, using them to replace water.

But these drinks are not only high in calories, and the content of sugar and carbohydrates is also very high, if long-term consumption, will not only induce obesity but also lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar in the body, easy to induce diabetes.

Especially for people with high blood sugar in their bodies, carbonated beverages and fruit juices are best to blacklist it.

Once you find a rapid spike in blood sugar in your life, you must promptly check the treatment and follow the doctor's instructions to use the medication promptly. Don't take any chances and delay, again and again, otherwise, it is easy to let diabetes find the door.


Extension: What tea can help lower sugar? These 4 kinds of tea to lower sugar have a miraculous effect!

1. black tea

Black tea contains flavonoids, such substances can help remove the body free machine and reduce the damage of free radical organisms.

Properly drinking black tea can also stimulate the body to secrete insulin, which can play a role in reducing the effect of postprandial blood sugar. It should be noted that black tea should not be drunk before bedtime and on an empty stomach.

2. corn husk tea

Regularly eating corn coarse grains have benefits, but corn whiskers can not be thrown away. A study pointed out that corn beard contains saponin, bitter glycosides, flavonoids, organic acids, and other substances, can diuretic swelling, liver, and gallbladder, but also lower blood pressure, sugar, lipid, anti-cancer, and enhance immunity.

The "Lingnan Caiyang Lu" even pointed out that corn beard and pork decoction can cure diabetes.

Corn husk has a mild taste and is suitable for most sugar lovers, but it is best to dry it before making tea.

3. Bitter melon tea

Bitter melon tea is made from bitter melon tea, bitter melon belongs to a vegetable, but contains bitter melon saponin, so it has become a very good tea substitute to lower blood. But bitter melon has a certain coldness, so you need to control the dosage when drinking.

4. pomegranate tea

Pomegranate tea is made from pomegranate peel and pomegranate leaves, and pomegranate leaves have a large amount of chromium, which is useful for improving glucose tolerance in diabetics and achieving low blood sugar and blood lipids. It also enhances insulin sensitivity, softens blood vessels, and relieves fatigue.


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