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More walking and more rest is good for the body

And adhere to 2 small things or will live longer

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

Until now longevity is still a topic of discussion, in ancient times there was the pursuit of elixir and longevity physique, and today there is the implementation of Chinese medicine to maintain health and extend life expectancy.

At present, the average life expectancy of our people has reached 77 years, although it is still far from 87 years in Japan, I believe that with the joint efforts of our people, the national per capita life expectancy will be greatly improved.

Some people keep falling into misconceptions in the pursuit of longevity, often blindly listening to rumors, but instead have unhealthy effects on their bodies. So what factors determine our life expectancy? What things can we do to help us live longer? Let's learn together.


What determines the length of life? These 5 factors are key

1. Genetic factors

Genes can not only determine a person's looks, but also determine the degree of physical health, and play a key role in the longevity factor.

There have been scientific studies to prove that the difference between the life expectancy of men and women, is due to the mitochondrial genes will exist genetic variation, women repair genes to be more powerful than men, thus extending life expectancy.

This is part of the reason why many people have seen that women tend to live longer, and there is a history of genetic disease in the genes that can have an impact on the eventual life expectancy.

2. Psychological factors

Studies have found that optimistic-minded people lead healthier lifestyles, and they spend more time exercising and being socially active.

Optimistic people heal faster from illness and trauma, live longer, and are less likely to suffer a disability. Happiness increases the number of disease-fighting and antibacterial cells, thus improving a person's immunity.

3. Dietary factors

Diet is also a key factor in determining a person's life expectancy, and there are huge problems with the eating habits of many people in modern society. Such as some people only eat vegetarian food and think it is very healthy, while some people only eat meat food, this practice is very extreme and very unhealthy.

If you want to live a long life, the only way to achieve this is to have a diet with a mix of meat and vegetables. For longevity of the elderly, the diet is often very comprehensive, so the body gets enough nutrients to replenish, naturally, you can get a long life.

4. Smoking too much

Smoking affects the function of the lungs, but smoking does not only cause lung disease so simple.

Of course, there are many people said, many long-lived old people also smoke, this is why? This is because everyone's body is different, some people smoke for a lifetime without getting sick, and some people get sick at a young age.

But this is not to say that smoking does not have an impact on human health, if you want to live a long life, can avoid smoking or try to avoid it.

5. Environmental factors

As the saying goes, one side of the land and water raise a side of the people, part of the region's water and soil, climate, humanities, environment, etc. suitable for human survival, people living here generally have a longer life.

If you live under serious environmental pollution, industrial development, and radiation, long-term life expectancy is bound to be affected.


Retired doctors have shown that more walking and more rest are good for the body, and insisting on the following 2 small things may lead to a long life

[More walking and more rest are good for your body].

More walking.

More walking can increase lung capacity, improve the oxygen supply and blood supply to the heart muscle, and can also promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, and laxatives to enhance appetite.

Walking for a long time can release stress in the heart, reduce depression, promote metabolism and blood circulation, is conducive to toxins and waste out of the body, and burn fat and repair the body.

More rest.

Older people to a certain age should rest more, in bed to recuperate, and never think and young people spell body climbing always defy the old.

Sleep enough 6 to 7 hours a day, not enough sleep at night, and then make up for it during the day, because, in the process of sleep, the body's organs will enter a state of self-healing repair, which can completely remove the invading antigenic substances.

Although it is important to get more rest and exercise, the following two small things in life also affect the life expectancy of everyone

[Adhere to the following 2 small things or will live longer]

1. Maintain a light diet

Eat seven minutes full, healthy living to old age, have a healthy diet and a good diet, for their own is very good. And, eat a good breakfast, eat a full lunch, eat a light dinner, can make their own body more and more healthy.

The elderly may wish to eat more protein-rich food, as well as dietary fiber vitamin food, which can be a good supplement to adequate nutrients, and reduce triglycerides in cardiovascular disease.

Healthy eating habits are very important to health, our body's cells are metabolizing all the time, and the raw materials needed for metabolism are the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the meals we eat. So diet is too important for us, so that longevity and health will fall into place.

Keep optimistic emotions

2. Keep optimistic emotions

Emotions and a variety of diseases are closely related, Chinese medicine believes that "all diseases are in the gas", often anger will bring adverse stimulation to the central nervous system of the brain, easy to cause brain hemorrhage or liver disease.

Always sulking can cause the skin color to gray, eyes to puffy, and wrinkles have increased, more detrimental to longevity.

Therefore, it is important to maintain an optimistic attitude and not lose your enthusiasm for life because you are old. To still maintain enthusiasm for life, more hobbies, learn some new things, and more activities conducive to physical and mental health.

Optimistic people are more cheerful, know how to enjoy life, and keep their spirit and body in a full state every day. And all day depressed people will lead to endocrine disruption in the body, breeding a series of mental and physical diseases.

According to relevant studies, most people who are often depressed and unhappy do not live past the age of 70. Therefore, different states of mind will often bring people to different states of old age.


Extension: the real behaviors that reduce life many people do not care

1. Not brushing teeth

Many people think that not brushing teeth only affects dental health, leading to periodontitis, dental caries, and other problems, but the fact is that disease enters from the mouth, and not brushing teeth, a large number of bacteria in the mouth multiply. Not only will it endanger the mouth, but these bacterial viruses will also attack various parts of the body, thus leading to problems in many aspects of the body.

Moreover, studies have found that people who brush their teeth less or do not brush their teeth for a long time have a 70% higher chance of heart disease than those who love to brush their teeth.

If you want to not brush your teeth properly, and do not pay attention to oral hygiene is the first factor that affects human life expectancy.

2. Sedentary and immobile

With the current mode of work also has a relationship, most of them are sitting in front of the computer work, a sit will sit for most of the day, and sitting for too long, will affect the body's blood circulation, and the joints will also be damaged.

Gastrointestinal motility will also slow down, and over time, obesity problems or joints, cervical spine, and lumbar spine problems will occur, and health is difficult to ensure.


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