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Gnomes Have Taken Over!

Why Every Holiday?

By Shelby Hagood Published 6 months ago 3 min read

Garden gnomes. The sneaky little trolls. They made sense during spring because of how they were in the garden. Right next to the colorful flowers and eggs, they became apart of Easter decorations for spring.

As we go along, later people decided that the gnomes were still out and about in gardens and they looked a bit like Uncle Sam. Slap a red hat on them and suddenly they were still relevant.

Right as you start to believe you would be rid of them when the weather started turning colder, then it is decided that their pointy hats could turn black and they would look a bit like mini warlocks or witches.

Next comes Thanksgiving where we decided that they would look so great next to a pointy cornucopia like their hats.

Then they seem to look like mini Santa or elves… might as well add them to Christmas too.

They are allowed to stay around for New Years! They already went through fireworks with Fourth of July, so just go ahead and gold glitter them as well.

Then lets just go ahead and watch them hold hearts and be apart of Valentine's Day too. They could very well be like little cupids.

They have made a magical access pact to be able to stay relevant for so long. Any holiday, there they are around every corner ready to fit the theme. Even when I was just trying to find a beach decor theme, there they were again with a pointy shell sitting on their heads.

They also appear in many movies like Gnome Alone, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Sherlock Gnomes. Of course the sneaky gnomes would become miniature detectives!

Gnomes are like the creepy little scarecrows of spring that are constantly eavesdropping on you and your household. Everyone sees them as cute and whimsical, but I see them as disturbing. They are pranksters, and the only day they should be for and celebrated with is where they started: April Fool's Day.

Their pointy hat is really modeled after the jester hat with just the one point because when they put three heads together, it becomes the entire hat. Like a witch on Halloween night, April Fools Night is when gnome powers of mischief become the strongest, because of a special mushroom that grows on that specific night. They came together and used for this power to be associated with every holiday.

Some of the other holiday people and animals accept them while others don’t. The one holiday that definitely doesn’t fully accept them is the leprechauns. They know mischief when they see it. They see what they are up to, trying to gain magic from the other holidays. The magic eggs from the bunnies and instructions to make arrows from cupids.

They have some knowledge of these others they have not gotten quite right, but the leprechauns refuse to give them any magic from their rainbow. They are the only ones that can access the pot of gold at the end and refuse to let the gnomes have any part of this magic. They are the ones to know that the gnomes are trying to take over! They try to warn the other holiday turkeys and bunnies, but they sometimes still give up too much. The leprechauns will not back down from trying to keep them to April Fools Day how they originally were. They try to mess with the gnome mushroom power by finding the good mushrooms before it is too late and hiding them at the end of their rainbow they don’t have access to. Go leprechauns!


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