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20 Thoughts That Live In My Head Daily.

Thoughts Running Wild!

By Carol TownendPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
20 Thoughts That Live In My Head Daily.
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We all have thoughts running around our heads, but we hardly ever say the silly stuff aloud!

Well actually, you would speak them aloud, if only you weren't too embarrassed to admit them!

I'll go first!

1. That gone of cheese smell can't be my feet or armpits, I just washed them!

2. Will coffee taste better with ketchup added to it?

3. Is it sex time yet, or is the milk out of date?

4. Yes, I'm a real cow. I am aware I eat grass!

5. Will I kill my feet or my socks if I wear them today?

6. Do animals wear bras too? because mine are killing me! My boobs don't have teeth, I'm sure!

7. (In the bra shop) I need a hammock, not a bra! No one makes bras big enough anyway! Shops don't believe in boobs, they think we don't have them.

8. Do I put sugar or poison in her coffee?

9. Why do I have spiderwebs under my armpits? I shave regularly!

10. Is it period day or tomato diarrhea day, because sanitary towels think so!

11. Can they tell that my bum looks big in this?

12. Uh-oh, the battleaxes are playing out again!

13. No, my nose isn't getting any bigger!

14. Did I electrocute myself last night, because my hair thinks so?

15. Why don't my knickers fit?

16. If I spray an entire can of deodorant, I won't smell like a bonfire!

17. Note to self: Sugar does not live in the freezer!

18. Can I really put mayo on cereal?

19. I'm out of lipstick. I know what, no one will know if I just smother my lips in ketchup!

20. Will my other half mind if I pinch his underpants?

Yes! I know they are silly thoughts, but we all have them.

The point is, we'd rather keep them to ourselves instead of laughing about it.

After all, we really don't want to disgust our friends, neighbors, parents, or children now, do we?

(Psst! We should never pass our bad habits onto our children. Their teachers will crucify us and put us in detention for the rest of our lives!)

Sorry teachers, if I get detention, then so do you!

Fair is fair at the end of the day.

You can't tell me that you have never had one really silly thought or two go through your head during the day. We all have at least one of them!

Anyhow it's up to you.

I just let out all my secrets and I'm deeply unashamed of it

(Ha! Ha! vocal, you're not getting out of it either! After all, if we can do it, so can you!)

Weird? Wacky? Mad? Or just plain silly. I don't care!

I want to know all the silly things that you think about in a day, whether it's what you put in sandwiches, buying underwear, or what you have for breakfast.

I simply want to know all the crazy and wacky things you think about during the day.

This won't be an easy challenge, some of you will cringe while others recoil, and maybe some of you will write your piece and may never want to show your face to the world.

Fact: You won't know it yet, but it's good for you to get all that crazy shit out of your heads once in a while, and it does the world good to laugh sometimes too.

I challenge you all to write at least twenty crazy thoughts you have going through your head during the day, no matter how wild they are.

I'm going to laugh out loud now, because after all it's humor for a reason!

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  • Kelly Sibley 9 months ago

    ....see, yeah, I have these thoughts. But what's more frightening is I also have the little voice that simply says, ....who cares? Go for it and or whatever, give it a go! I am somewhat worried.... Loved your piece.

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