To The Controlling Woman Who Raised My Boyfriend

An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Controlling Mother

To The Controlling Woman Who Raised My Boyfriend

You say you want what is best for your son? You say that you love him and you only want to see him happy? If that were true you would stay out of our relationship rather than living to make both your son and myself miserable on a daily basis.

See every time you say something nasty to him about me it drives him further from you, hence why you hear from him less and less. He hates dealing with the drama that comes from dealing with you.

I have tried being nice to you. I have tried being patient with your little outbursts and your childish and outlandish behavior, but I've decided that 4 years was long enough and it was time for you to be put in your place.

Your son and I have been talking about marriage and what our lives will look like together in the future. I know how it must kill you to hear that but I figure you may as well be told since you seem hell bent on trying to destroy your son's happiness.

You have taught your son that it is acceptable for him to never take responsibility for his own actions. You have taught him to always shift the blame on to anyone but himself.

You taught your son to be dependent upon you for EVERYTHING! You never wanted him to live his life outside of your home. You wanted to have him under your thumb for the rest of your life and when your plan failed you got pissed and made it your life's mission to destroy anyone that got close to him.

You taught him to be emotionally distant. You kept him from ever maturing into a healthy, well adjusted man by socially isolating him all of his life.

I still for the life of me can't figure out why you would have children only to set them up for failure instead of success. That's abuse.

I have never met anyone as unpleasant or as 2 faced as you. You think I don't know what you say behind my back? I've got news for you. You're dead wrong! See your son and I have no secrets from each other. That is part of what love is; honesty. You have totally emasculated your husband and you made your sons all dependent upon you for everything and it kills you that one of them has found happiness and the thing that kills you most is it isn't with you.

If you plan to remain in your son's life I'm going to make one suggestion to you and I suggest you take it extremely seriously. Grow up. If you can't step back and let go of your son willingly, you will without a doubt lose him. If you can't keep your negativity to yourself you will no longer be welcome in our lives. He has already made it clear to me that you are treading a fine line with him. If you want him to remain in your life you need to stop acting like a scorned ex and start acting like a MOTHER. See, he and I love each other so I'm NOT going anywhere except maybe down the aisle to become his wife, whether you like it or not.

I refuse to sit back and continue allowing you to hurt your son. I love him way too much for that. You're supposed to be his mother, or at least that is the line you keep tossing at him whenever you don't get your own way.

Start acting like a grown ass woman instead of a scorned teenage girl. Put on your big girl panties and learn to deal with life.

If you can't or won't your son will walk out of your life forever.

The ball is now in your court.

Phoenix Blair
Phoenix Blair
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