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The Message Behind The Pick Up Line

Are they still used? What does it convey?

By DaphsamPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
The Message Behind The Pick Up Line
Photo by Tibor Pápai on Unsplash

Why use a pick up line?

Well, it’s like an elevator pitch to boost your career. You have 30 seconds to make an impression on someone you want to get to know better. Will a simple “hi” be enough? Depends on how you say it.

Are they still used?

These days, meeting someone in person is as outdated as your Grandmother’s China. Just doesn’t happen. More and more dating apps have hit the virtual universe. This competes with the in person meeting.

You see people advertising themselves on those profiles. Hoping to get a swipe, hoping they are talking to a real person and not a bot, or being catfished. I would advice not to use a pickup line as a tagline in your profile.

But I do feel the pick up line in person does need to convey all that intended person needs to know about you so they don’t turn to their phone- the dating apps.

By Andrew Rivera on Unsplash

Pick up Lines Analysis

Here are a few pick up lines with a brief interpretation of what might be behind the pick up line.

“Do you like the scarf? If you do, I’ll wear it on our first date.”

OK, this person is smooth and confident but has a fun, carefree personality.

“Is it the Wi-Fi here, or do I feel we might be having a strong connection?”

Again, this is funny, witty, and confident.

By Andrea Brambila on Unsplash

“Your dog is adorable and I can see enjoys playing with the other dogs. How about I bring a coffee for us sometime, and we can watch our dogs play together.”

This is a more down-to-earth and more straightforward approach.

“Are you an Instagram influencer? Because I have a feeling you would be trending.”

Playful, lighthearted, and into social media and knows the lingo.

“I bet going out with you must be like a fine merlot- smooth, unforgettable, and leaving me wanting more.”

Charming, smooth and a wine enthusiast.

“Are you here with someone, or did I just get lucky bumping into you.”

Playful, flirtatious, and bold.

“Your eyes are so beautiful that I want to dive in and uncover all your secrets.”

Flirtatious, smooth, romantic and very bold.

“I bet I can guess your perfume, floral with a touch of spice and a lot of warmth.”

Charming, observant, and romantic.

“Is it me, or did the room get hotter when you walked through that door?”

Flirtatious, smooth, bold and sexy.

By Mindy Sabiston on Unsplash

"Are you a coffee drinker? Because we could be a great blend.”

Lighthearted, interested, and coffee enthusiast.

“I can tell you have an adventurous side, and I am so down to be part of that.”

Outgoing, eager, and adventurous.

“Can I just say you are gorgeous, and if you go out with me, you will find that I don’t give compliments lightly.”

Chivalrous, genuine and complimentary.

By Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash

Pick up lines could be more challenging if they were posted online. Without seeing and hearing the tone of the pick up line, it would be harder to decipher the personality of the person writing it.

Like text messages, people interpret the message in multiple ways, so there is room for misunderstanding. You don't want to turn the person off right away. Always try to be as authentic as possible. Your pick up line should be real and on par with who you are as a person.

Pick up lines are for in-person approaches and should not be used on dating apps. Unless there are low-key, straightforward. It’s all in how it’s presented.

There is a time and place to use pick up lines to read the room and the intended person!

They are not for everybody and shouldn't be used if it doesn't come naturally to you.

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  • Andrea Corwin 3 months ago

    Liked this a lot even though I have no use for pick up lines (long time married); I think many would make me roll my eyes and the presenter would get an embarrassing remark from me.

  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Pick up lines come off as trying to hard. It's definitely not necessary on social media apps. Enjoyed reading your article!!!💕♥️♥️

  • Interesting read… “Your dog is adorable and I can see enjoys playing with the other dogs. How about I bring a coffee for us sometime, and we can watch our dogs play together.” How cute for dog lovers!

  • I don't like pick up lines. Like at all. If someone uses it on me, it's a hugeeeee turn off. Lol. They just make me cringe so bad. I was even cringing reading the examples you have included here, lol. Guess it's not for everyone.

  • Got any pickup lines for an autistic who doesn't immediately catch the eye, is socially awkward & doesn't tend to draw attention to himself naturally? Now why would you automatically assume I was talking about me? (Okay yeah, you got me.) Personally, I think your counsel to be authentic is the most universally helpful. I can imagine the pickup lines you've used above working for someone where the other person is already feeling some sense of attraction, where you've already caught their attention & it seems there's an implicit invitation to engage. But otherwise I see them getting the same kind of response Dustin Hoffman's character receives in "Tootsie" (or worse--he just got champaign tossed in his face; derision, scoffing, mocking, & other forms of public humiliation would not be out of the question). But authenticity--whether or not it's effective in a given situation--always seems to me to be the best way to go.

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