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Season of Growth and Change

by Erica Martin 2 months ago in advice

Gemini's Paired Predictions

Season of Growth and Change
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This season will be full of growth and change for Dear Gemini. You may have a new addition to your family in the form of a sibling, pet, child, grandchild, in-law, or friend. You may find yourself developing new interests, discovering interests you didn't know you had, or reinvesting time and energy into the things you once loved. This is a time to shift priorities, focus, and discover your inner self. You will come to a place in your life where the opinions of others won't matter as much as they would have previously. This may be a difficult thing for you to realize. The process may be time-consuming and painful, but it will be for your own long-term benefit. While you may make gains in many areas, you may experience loss in others. The additions in your life will find a way to make up for the subtractions. The items or people you lose will be worth the trade. This will be an unpredictable and tumultuous time, but there will be a part of you that embraces these changes. In embracing these changes, you will grow and improve. In the future, you may even look back on memories of this time with fondness as it will be the time that changed the direction of your life for the better. Like the two sides as the pairing of a Gemini, growth comes with change, and with change comes growth.

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Your new season of life will be full of progress if you go along with the changes. At times, you may fight these changes. Continue fighting for what you truly believe in but be wary of fighting things of lesser concern as it might cost you. Choose your battles wisely. If you allow pride to rule you or respond to situations defensively, you will not propel forward. Self-reflection is necessary at this stage in time. If you cannot self-reflect or self-critique on necessary improvements, you may find yourself depressed and anxious over the changes that are occurring. To overcome this obstacle, remain self-aware and consult with your closest loved one.

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Do not get swept away in the business of others. As a Gemini, it may be very tempting to gossip and investigate but please refrain as much as possible during this time. The news you want to hear or are looking for will come to you instead. Although the news may surprise you, it won't reflect badly on you when you find out. It may even open doors to new possibilities you would never have expected. Take these new avenues when they arrive, and you'll be even more surprised at what you learn about yourself.

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Enjoy some nights out this month. You know how to party, but also need to treat yourself occasionally. Get together with a small group of your friends and buy a round of drinks. You may even get lucky with a round of free drinks from an unexpected source. If you are single and someone orders you your favorite drink, they are a potential love interest. This note to detail or sheer chance will demonstrate their compatibility with you.

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Geminis have some big personalities, and the celebrity world is no exception. You share your sign with some major superstars; Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, and Amy Schumer just to name a few. Not a day goes by that news isn't distributed about those three. They know how to take center stage in the pop culture realm. Other celebrities you share this zodiac sign with include musicians Paul McCartney, Prince, Stevie Nicks, Paula Abdul, Blake Shelton, Peter Wentz, and Boy George. These artists are considered talented and vibrant. Even if your personal social media following isn't as high as you hope, remember that as a Gemini you have the same ability to be center stage in your own personal life. You can harness that power at any time. Whether you realize it or not, many of your friends and family already place you at the center of their world.

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Gemini's future is full of the unexpected and out of the ordinary. Spontaneity is at your doorstep, which makes these times exciting. The time is now to follow whims. Try new foods or experiences-maybe even skydiving if that appeals to you. Take that jungle adventure or scuba diving expedition you always wanted. The possibilities are endless. On a smaller scale, try that new haircut or restaurant that has always been looking at you funny. Indulge in some of these fun-loving, new, and exciting activities and see where the day takes you.

If you’re looking for date ideas, try a day or couple hours of spontaneity. Let you and your partner take turns picking out random activities or places to visit. You might wind up appetizer or bar-crawling, binging on ice cream, or going to a trampoline park. Take this time to say "yes" to indulging that adventurous side of yourself, no matter how wacky it may be.

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On a more serious note, if you're studying or trying to learn a new skill; look at a physical book instead of a Kindle or e-book. Sometimes turning a page or following along with your finger helps you process information. If you're taking notes, feel free to make a doodle in the margins. You'll remember your notes by the location of your design. If you are in the market for a new job, take some time to look over and revamp your resumé if you haven't already. It may sound redundant, but the extra check might help you land a job this month or at the very least an interview.

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This season will be marked with progress and growth for Gemini. New experiences, new changes, and new perspectives will only help Gemini's growth. These additions will make for exciting times in self-discovery. Focus on the positives this season, as there will be many. Reach out to your closest loved one or perform some self-meditation to overcome any obstacles. You'll be surprised that a combination of new experiences and inner focus lead you to inner peace against situations that may seem tumultuous. Enjoy your nights out, reading over that book, having that drink, experiencing your new adventures, and meeting that new part of your family. Success is at your doorstep if you answer its knock.

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